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Effective Ways to Deal with Computer Screen Vision Syndrome

Computer screen vision syndrome is becoming a common problem among people. The primary reason for it is the increasing usage of digital screens. It’s better to follow some precautions to prevent the development of this syndrome.  What is Computer Screen Vision Syndrome?  Computer screen vision syndrome is one of the common syndromes in this technological world. This is also commonly known as digital eye strain. It includes a group of vision and eye-related problems that occur because of the prolonged use of mobiles, tablets, computers, and […]

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Eyesight and Diabetes: A Complete Overview

How Can Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?  Diabetes can cause several eyesight problems due to blood glucose or blood sugar. Generally, it happens when you have too high blood sugar.  Short Term Effects of Diabetes  When your blood sugar remains too high for a short period, you may not suffer from vision loss. But you may have blurry vision for a few days or weeks. However, it may also happen because of […]

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