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Do You Suffer From Dry, Red and Itchy Eyes? With This Advice You Won’t Have To.

Are you one of those poor souls that is constantly blinking, rubbing and massaging your eyes simply to get rid of that chronic dryness? Dry eye syndrome, or DES, is a medical condition that includes frequent scratchiness, burning and dryness in the eyes that is difficult to control. Here are some tips for rehydrating your eyes and giving yourself some much deserved relief. […]

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All Of Those Hours Spent Staring At Your Computer Screen May Be Doing Some Serious Harm To Your Vision

In today’s rapidly technologized world, spending eight or more hours at a desk staring at a computer screen is becoming more common. Prolonged computer use, especially in poor lighting with dim screens, can produce computer vision syndrome (CVS): a group of eye and vision-related problems that can create lasting, damaging effects What are the symptoms? […]

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Do You Finally Need Reading Glasses? Here Are Some Quick Tips For Picking Out Your First Pair

It started innocently enough. You found yourself moving the newspaper closer and farther away from your face during breakfast. Your nightly reading routine was disrupted by a constant squinting and rubbing of your eyes. Then it hit you. The day has finally come: You need reading glasses. Don’t panic. This eventual change in our eyes […]

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