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Category: Digital Eye Strain

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Improve Blurry Vision with These 6 Simple Eye Exercises

A woman with blurry vision holds her hand to her head.

What do you typically do if your eyesight blurs at the first sign? Do you immediately visit an ophthalmologist? Although seeing a professional is important, there may be other ways to cope with hazy vision, like doing easy eye exercises.  Hazy vision could indicate another issue. It can be a sign of an underlying eye […]

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Is Dark Mode (on-screen) Good for Eyes?

A dark mode is a feature that most phones and monitors have started offering. It’s essentially an inverted colour scheme, which users can access on updated operating systems and activate or deactivate as they please. When enabled, it will cover the entire operating system; apps, icons, text, and the surface of every media.  With screen […]

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