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Ocular Steroids: What are the Benefits and Risks?

Steroids are widely considered as a postoperative therapy, particularly after a cataract or eye surgery, to improve an impaired or blurry vision. Ocular steroids are in use for conditions like eye-lid inflammation, dry eye, anterior uveitis, conjunctivitis, etc. All these can lead to glaucoma, acute cataract, and blindness.  Ocular steroids help improve your eyesight and overcome other ocular issues.  How Ocular […]

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The Most Common Allergic Eye Diseases You Need to Know

An eye allergy is an adverse response that occurs when some irritating substance may come in contact with your eyes. This irritation may be due to smoke, dust, or pollen, as all these are allergens.  You may experience eye discharge due to excess fluid in the eye. It may be watery, clear, and transparent like tears. Eye allergies are due to a malfunction of your immune system.   Eye Allergic Diseases  Here are some of […]

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When Cataract Surgery Becomes Necessary: A Discussion

Most people associate the development of cataracts with aging. As the body ages, the odds of experiencing changes in vision, especially due to cataracts, increases. Cataracts occur due to the hardening of the lens in your eye(s), which then becomes cloudy.   It can lead to double, blurry, or slight loss of vision. Other reasons for the development of cataracts include:  […]

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A Quick Overview of Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes is a condition that can occur in people of all ages ranging from children to people even above 70 years of age. The condition creates a problem pertaining to the body’s ability to control sugar levels. This occurs due to an inability to produce insulin.  Diabetes can cause various symptoms. Consequently, diabetics may require numerous treatments for them. However, we will have […]

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Child Eye Issues: Pay Attention to the Major and Minor Signs

It’s critical to monitor your child’s or children’s health conditions to ensure adequate growth and development – both physically and mentally. This means you need to apply methods to detect or improve your child’s health conditions with timely intervention.  But regardless of your attentive attitude, it is possible that they may be struggling with visual defects […]

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Reasons Why You May be Experiencing Sudden Changes in Your Vision

Do you constantly rub your eyes to get a clearer view? Or does your view grow blurry after rubbing your eyes? Are you suffering from double-vision, blurry vision, or maybe a loss or partial vision? These conditions are generally temporary and may be due to some sort of medication or activity.   However, there can be serious reasons behind why you might experience a sudden change in vision. Some of the […]

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Dry Eye: Common Challenges and Recent Advancements

Dry eye is a condition in which your eyes fail to produce enough lubrication due to a lack of tears. A lack of tears can have various underlying reasons.  Instability in tear production causes damage to your eye’s surface and inflammation. Dry eyes are extremely uncomfortable and may cause continuous burning or stinging. As part of this condition, the following problems occur:  A frequent scratchy, […]

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A Complete List of Causes and Symptoms Behind Blurred Vision

Your vision starts to blur if any of the eye’s components, whether it’s the optic nerve, retina, or cornea, fail to work properly. Blurred vision takes time to develop as it is often the result of a long term condition. When your vision lacks sharpness, objects may seem blurry. Sure, this might be a symptom of farsightedness and near–sightedness. Nevertheless, blurring of vision can have various other causes.  Causes of Blurred Vision  Stroke  A stroke can damage […]

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