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Living through the Pandemic: You Can Wear a Mask Without Fogging Your Glasses

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The pandemic has brought several problems and challenges with it. One common challenge that most people with glasses face is fog on their glasses, especially due to wearing a mask. If you wear a mask and glasses, you may also struggle with it. Don’t worry – these are some ways that you can continue to see clearly and prevent the mask from fogging up your glasses.

Tips To Wear Mask without Fogging Your Glass

The following are some easy methods that you can implement to prevent fogging on your glasses.

Bring a Mask with Nose Bridge

If your mask does not tightly fit on your nose, it will continuously produce fog on your glasses. This happens because your warm breath escapes through your mask’s top part and gets to your glasses. One solution to this problem is a mask that contains a nose bridge. It has a flexible shape and bend that allows you to fit the bridge according to your nose shape.

Not to mention, the nose bridge mask is better than others. It makes your mask more comfortable, more effective, and prevents warm breath from exiting up to your lenses.

Use Dish Soap

A drop of dish soap is life-saving for people who wear glasses. It prevents the mask from fogging up your glasses. Pour a drop of dish soap on your glasses. Rub it on both lenses and rinse your glasses thoroughly. This way, the soap creates a thin film on the lenses when it gets completely dry. Thus, preventing your breath from creating fog when the temperature changes.

Buy Anti Fog Lenses

Yes, this solution is not ideal for everyone. But those who can purchase anti-fog lenses don’t have to worry about the fog from their mask or any other source. So, if you are looking for new glasses, it may be advisable to purchase one that has an anti-fog coating.

Place Glasses over Mask

Simply pull your mask up as high as you can on your nose. Place your glasses on the top of your mask. This way, you will fit your mask and prevent the warm breath, causing fog on your glasses. Make sure that your mask fits properly on your nose and doesn’t have an opening that gives space to warm air to escape.

Put Tape on Mask

It’s not a permanent solution, but you can do this if you don’t have a bridge nose mask, dish soap, or anti-fog lenses. A simple solution is taping your mask around down your nose bridge to the cheeks. This helps prevent your breath from making its way onto your glasses. However, remember to use non-abrasive tapes, such as athletic, band, or medical aids, to avoid irritation on your skin.

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