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Category: Children's Eye Care

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When Should My Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

A female optometrist examines a young boy's eyes with a slit lamp

It’s advised by eye care professionals that children undergo their first eye assessment between six months to one year of age, even in the absence of visible vision issues. Adopting a preventive approach is important in managing ocular health and can help circumvent potential eye diseases and emergencies through routine exams and a wholesome lifestyle. […]

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Common Eye Problems in Children

A young girl wearing glasses and peeking over the edge of a table.

Since children’s vision isn’t fully developed, they might be vulnerable to different eye complications. Therefore, it is important for parents to make sure their kids have a healthy vision. After all, their vision can impact reading abilities, playing, and writing skills. Vision Issues in Children Vision problems are very common in kids and can impact […]

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