The Curse of the Digital Strain: What Are the Quickest Solutions?

Right now, while you’re reading this article, you’re probably putting some strain on your eyes, which isn’t the best thing you could do. Digital eye strain is one of the worst eye conditions that people of all ages are facing these days.

As the world of technology keeps advancing, the cases of digital strain are also increasing. It may be difficult to avoid digital strain as now everything you do, from school work to office work, requires using your laptop or tablet screens. Hence you are one way or another straining your eyes.

This does not mean you can’t do anything about it. To help improve your eye health, we have mentioned below a few quick solutions that will help control digital strain on your eyes.

1.     Adjust Your Devices Exhibit Setting

Adjusting the settings on your computer or any other electronic device can make a big difference and put less strain on your eyes. What you should do is always adjust the brightness according to the brightness of the setting/room you’re sitting in. You should also alter the text size according to your preference. It is best to adjust to a bigger text size so that you don’t have to put as much strain on your eyes when it comes to reading documents with smaller fonts.

2.     Use your Computer in a Proper Light Setting

It is best if you always sit in areas that have appropriate lighting and are not too bright or dull. The lighting should always blend with the brightness of your computer. If you didn’t know, interior lighting and even natural light can sometimes be very harsh for the eyes and puts a lot of strain on them.

3.     Go For a Comprehensive Eye Test

If you feel like you may be suffering from digital strain in your eyes, you should book an appointment for a comprehensive eye test. If you frequently use your computer, you should go for this test yearly so that you know your eyes are in good condition. Going for a comprehensive test will help prevent any further damage to your eyes. Plus, your doctor will offer you quick solutions like recommending you to wear eyeglasses.

4.     Blink Away

This may be something hard to remember, but while you’re using your electronic devices for a longer period, you must remember to blink often. Blinking helps in preventing dryness and itchiness as it moistens your eyes. People often forget to blink when staring at a computer screen for hours, but make sure you’re not one of them if you don’t want to struggle with constant irritation in your eyes.


Computer screens are great for many reasons, but they can cause notable problems for your eyesight. But, with the help of these solutions mentioned above, you can easily save your eyesight and work away. However, remember to put these solutions to use as you don’t want to struggle with digital strain for the rest of your life.

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