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Natural Eye Care: The Importance of Eyelashes and Eyebrows

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Wondering why humans have eyelashes and eyebrows? Do they have any potential benefits, or are they just there to enhance your appearance? Well, they are important to keep your eyes healthy and functioning. Read the article to get a proper idea of why they are important for you. 

Why are Eyebrows Crucial for You? 

The eyebrows move away moisture from your eyes, especially rain and sweat. This way, you get a clear vision. The curved shape makes it easy for moisture or water to flow at the side of the eyes. Your eyebrows are also great for filtering dirt and dust and blocking sun rays from entering your eyes.  

Not to mention, medical professionals also suggest that eyebrows play a great role in facial expression and human communication. You may find it easy to understand someone’s opinion and view on certain situations when they move their eyebrows. It tells you whether they are surprised, happy, or angry. Eyebrows also make a person’s identity, even more than their eyes.  

Health conditions, like hormonal imbalances and autoimmune problems, such as lupus, hypothyroidism, and alopecia, can cause significant eyebrows’ hair loss.  

Why are Eyelashes Crucial for You? 

Eyelashes make your eyes look beautifulBut that’s not their only purpose. They grow around the edge of your eyelid. As you may know, eyelashes act as a barrier and keep dust away from your eyes. Hence, they protect your eyes from elements or debris that can cause injury and infection in your eyes. Eyelashes also act as sensors for foreign substances coming near your eyes, such as insects, and activate protective and reflexive blink.  

Experts believe that eyelashes are unique from other body hairs. If your lashes are healthy, they will never turn grey color. Interestingly, eyelashes are one of the shortest hairs in your body, but with a long lifespan. They also filter air before it interacts with your eyes. According to research, eyelashes tend to reduce 50% tear evaporation, which helps your eyes to remain lubricated.  

Your eyelashes can start to fall because of certain health diseases likes trichiasis, styes, distichiasis, and blepharitis. 

Tips to Keep Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows Healthy 

Drink plenty of Water 

The most crucial task you need to do to keep your eyelashes and eyebrows healthy is to drink plenty of water. Women need to drink at least 2 liters, and men need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you avoid most of the health problems.  

Avoid Harmful Makeup Products 

You might love to use mascara, eyeliners, or any type of eye makeup on your eyes. However, some of these products contain elements like carbon black, BAK, formaldehyde, etc., that can cause hair loss in your lashes and brows. It’s better to pick eye products that are free from any harmful chemicals 

Wash your Face 

Keeping your face clean is crucial, whether it is your lashes, brows, cheeks, or nose. You need to wash your face with good products at least two times a day. Furthermore, it’s vital to wipe off your makeup before going to bed. Wearing makeup for long hours or even for a day can contribute to damage to your lashes and brows.  

Bottom Line 

Eyelashes and eyebrows protect your eyes from any possible damage. They keep dust, debris, and other objects away from your eyes. Not to mentioneyelashes and eyebrows enhance your facial features

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