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Reasons Why You May be Experiencing Sudden Changes in Your Vision

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Do you constantly rub your eyes to get a clearer view? Or does your view grow blurry after rubbing your eyes? Are you suffering from double-vision, blurry vision, or maybe loss or partial vision? These conditions are generally temporary and may be due to some sort of medication or activity 

However, there can be serious reasons behind why you might experience a sudden change in vision. Some of the symptoms of a sudden vision change point towards certain serious conditions and health problems. 

Below are some of the general symptoms of sudden change in vision. 

Symptoms of a Sudden Change in Vision 

Certain symptoms predict what kind of disorder or eye disease you might have. Below are some symptoms that occur, along with a sudden change in vision. 

  • Too many tears and water discharge 
  • Extreme sensitivity to light 
  • Double vision 
  • Itching in eyes 
  • Headaches 
  • Nausea 

Causes of Changes in Vision 

Some symptoms suggest that there may not be a condition at all, and the change of vision is temporary. However, some causes of vision changes relate to serious and chronic diseases and disorders. 

Macular Degeneration 

The macula is present in the center of your eye’s retina. The production of abnormal vessels in the macula causes leakage of fluid. This leads to blurry vision or partial vision loss. You may know the condition as “wet macular degeneration,” in contrast to “dry macular degeneration.” This is because it can exacerbate very rapidly, causing full vision impairment. 


A stroke significantly affects your brain, which can cause sudden changes in vision. This is because the stroke may affect the part of your brain responsible for vision. 


Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) occurs due to infection, virus, or bacteria that cause swelling in the outer layer of your eye membrane. This leads to severe redness in one or both of your eyes.  

Eye Strain 

Looking at something for too long during an activity or task can cause your eyes to start straining. This commonly occurs while reading a book very closely, driving for a long time, or simply because you have been sitting in front of a screen for a very long time. Sudden blurriness may occur, leaving you with only slight change in vision for a temporary period. 

Injury to Head or Eye 

Head injuries like concussions can cause loss of vision or sudden vision impairment due to damage to the brain. Concussions can occur during a fight, automobile car accidents, or simply a fall down a few stairs. Moreover, buildup of blood can occur in your eye due to an injury.  


Sure, some of the symptoms above may be similar to those that you experience because of sudden change in vision. Nonethelesssome highly risky factors can cause dangerous eye conditions and disorders that require immediate treatment and medical care. 

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