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Selecting the Right Sunglasses

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The summer brings with it a change in wardrobe, food, drinks, as well as people. If you’re on holidays and you’re planning to go somewhere, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Many people nowadays make it a priority not to forget taking their sunglasses along as well. From helping keep your eyes cool and safe from the unforgiving rays of the sun to being a fashion statement, sunglasses have influenced our society in more ways than one. And because sunglasses are trending these days, and the fact that there is a mind numbing variety of the products available on the marketing, selecting one set can be really difficult.

You need something that can accentuate the way you dress and look – something that speaks volumes about your personality, how sophisticated you are or not, how funny or cheerful you are, or if you’re quiet or reserved.

The summer heat is up and if you’re in the market looking for sunglasses, here are some things you need to consider before you narrow down on the ones that fit.

Glasses for an Oval Face

People with oval face shapes are known to be the most compatible with just about any sunglasses out there. It does not take them long before they find the ones that match their facial anatomy. The only thing they have to look out for is to not look too smug while looking for sunglasses. Avoid novelty styled sunglasses and focus more on the ones that have arms that hang low.

Glasses for a Square Face

These type of people need to find sunglasses that are opposite to the shape of their face. You need to balance out the jaw line with the frames of your sunglasses. Try on glasses such as aviators and John Lennon’s, which are more rounded and tend to make the face look more balanced and natural.

Glasses for a Round Face

As it was with a square shape, if you have a round face, go for sunglasses that have a thick, rectangular design. Look for sunglasses that define your cheeks as well as your forehead. Choosing a style with a bow-line design can make your cheeks look slimmer and can portray a good impression. Try to find sunglasses such as Wayfarers and Clubmasters.

Glasses for Long and Rectangular Faces

These types of people have to mostly concern themselves with finding glasses that have to do with width more than anything else. Sunglasses with round and square frames will fill out the gaps in your face and make you stand out. Furthermore, people with long faces have problems finding the right size. Try wayfarers and you won’t have to try anything else.

Bottom Line

Along with selecting the best shape, make sure you go for the right colour and size. After you make the purchase, be sure to keep them clean every time you are done using them.  Wipe them clean with the soft piece of cloth that comes with the product and nothing else.

Written by Total Focus

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