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5 Things Women Should Know about Their Eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses have become quite fashionable these days. Apart from helping you correct your eyesight,  eyeglasses are treated as trendy and chic accessories. You can’t imagine the sheer amount of variety, shapes, sizes, and designs available on the market. An industry worth billions of dollars, companies spend millions on research to ensure they meet the market demand and standard for new and improved designs. Women in particular are known to be picky while selecting the right product for themselves.

While you are at the store selecting the best eyeglasses for yourself, there are a number of things to consider. The following tips will assist you in purchasing the right eyeglasses for yourself and also let you know how to use them properly. Eyeglasses can be fragile and need to be handled with care and responsibility.

1.     Always be Gentle with the Frames:

Quite often people make the mistake of taking their eyeglasses off with just one hand. You need to understand the fragility of the screws that keep the frame intact and together. They can easily break with a good twist. Nonetheless, avoid bending the frames roughly or you’ll end up with a broken or misaligned pair of glasses. And good eyeglasses are a bit expensive so you need to be smart.

2.     Clean the Lenses Properly:

It is important to understand that you must always clean your glasses with the soft piece of cloth that comes with the packing. If you’ve lost or misplaced this cloth, you can get a new one. Never clean your glasses with just any fabric or you will damage the lenses.

Women are mostly seen to rub the lenses with their shirts. This practice however, may scratch the lenses and who knows how dirty the shirt was once it was rubbed. You must therefore be careful and use a soft clean cloth to clean the lenses properly.

3.     Are they Progressive Lenses?

There is a difference between normal lenses and progressive lenses that most women do not know about. They provide better optics and are suitable for both reading and measuring distance. They also require a small adjustment period as they aren’t anything like normal lenses. Progressive lenses are best for people who are farsighted. Furthermore, they come in many designs, which is what most female customers are attracted to.

4.     How well does it fit?

Do the glasses come off when you bend your face? Are the glasses loose from the sides as well as the front? Well, if you have these problems then you might want to get your face measured. While you are at the store, make sure you look for the glasses whose frames do not irritate the side of your head and do not come off when you tilt your head.

5.     Are they Clip-on Glasses?

These glasses are easy to use as you simply clip the middle. It has a powerful magnet that keeps the eyeglass firm on your nose.

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