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Are Hard Contact Lenses Right for You?

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What are Hard Contact Lenses?

These types of lenses maintain their shape when they inserted into the eye. They are also known as RGP or Rigid Gas Permeable lenses because of how they are made. Hard contacts have a lot of health benefits and can also restore eyesight in youngsters as well as adults if used right.

Advantages of Hard Contact Lenses

  1. These lenses are designed to be highly transparent, providing clear and unhindered vision. Apart from that, hard contacts are more comfortable than traditional lenses.
  2. The lenses have been known to completely eliminate eyesight complications and help people complete heal. Plus, they are very easy to wear and take off. Maintaining the lenses is quite convenient as well.
  3. Your eyes do not take long to adapt to hard contact lenses as they are designed to quickly help you adjust. What’s more is that, unlike soft lenses that are irritable on the edges, these lenses surprisingly don’t cause much trouble to the user in comparison.
  4. You can purchase these lenses in different tints if you’re a fan of having colourful eyes.

Disadvantages of Hard Contact Lenses

  1. You have to wear them consistently if you do not want to lose out on their benefits. They are designed for consistent and frequent wear. If you buy them to wear on occasion and different events, they will quickly lose their translucency.
  2. One of the biggest issues of hard contact lenses is the way they slip out of the pupil. Soft lenses are more prone to stick to the eye while hard lenses have a hard time staying in their place. This is why you will have to adjust them from time to time, which is a painful job if you are impatient.
  3. Hard lenses are known to carry some dust particles inside of their covers. This can lead to serious eye infections as well as viruses, worsening your eyesight. You have to ensure your lenses are clean every time you put them on.
  4. To make sure the lenses haven’t cracked, you have to go the store for regular check-ups. This can become costly in the long-run and people normally tend to avoid bearing additional expenses.

Are they Right for You?

Most of the time people buy hard lenses is because soft lenses require plenty of maintenance. For example, they always need to be stored in the solution inside their casing or else they will quickly dry. Furthermore, if the lenses over-dry, they will contort and will lose their original shape. In other words, you will not be able to wear them without suffering irritation and discomfort. In both cases, you have to make sure you are up to the task of maintaining soft lenses and knowing the right way of using them. However, it is always best to consult a certified optometrist. They will guide you on how to effectively wear hard lenses and take care of them.

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