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Is Dark Mode (on-screen) Good for Eyes?

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A dark mode is a feature that most phones and monitors have started offering. It’s essentially an inverted colour scheme, which users can access on updated operating systems and activate or deactivate as they please. When enabled, it will cover the entire operating system; apps, icons, text, and the surface of every media. 

With screen time of most people increasingly more frequent, people have started to wonder if dark mode is easier on the eyes. 

Is Dark Mode Good For Eyes?

The difference between the two is that one is white text on a black background (dark mode) and the other is dark text on a bright background. Dark mode existed long before the traditional white display, since most old-school operating systems presented their information in contrasting colors in the 80s and 90s. However, it has made a recent comeback.

Taking care of your eyesight in this advanced tech world is essential. Each individual spends a significant time in front of a digital screen, which can seriously affect your eyes. And the benefits that came with dark mode are what made it famous again. The benefits for dark mode include:

Reduced Blue Light

All digital screens emit blue light and directly affect your eyes. This light affects specific parts of the brain, which comprehend that it’s daytime and suppresses the sleep chemical melatonin. An imbalance of melatonin can disturb the sleep cycle and results in insomnia. 

Asides from insomnia, it also has a serious strain on your eyes. This results in headaches and blurry visions, which are common symptoms that stem from spending too much time on your screen.

Lessens the Burden on Your Eyes

Reading or browsing in dark mode offers a more effortless experience to your eyes. That may be because of the absence of bright text that can get hard to adjust when reading in a dark room. When on dark mode, you can browse in your dimly lit room without affecting your eyes as much. 

However, plenty of operating systems now have updated alternative filters for users who prefer light mode.

Prolongs Battery life

Dark mode prolongs your battery by 30%. You can enable the dark mode feature if you want to improve lengthen your device’s battery life. This isn’t a health benefit; however, if you are stuck somewhere or lost your charger, you can adjust the display setting and add time to your battery life.


If you are a working professional, a digital creator, or someone who loves spending hours on screen, you should try this feature. The dark mode is helpful for the eyes. It relieves them of strain, alleviates headaches, and is an overall aesthetic feature. The precise analyses of this feature providing health benefits are not yet conclusive. Also, if you continue to feel strain or pressure on your eyes, be sure to book an appointment with your eye care provider.

Written by Marley Jaxx

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