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What Does Your Vision Say About Your Current Health?

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Your eyes act as an alarm system about your body’s health. With the new eye health technology, doctors can conveniently study any early signs of an impending health crisis, e.g., high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. 

Researchers worldwide are trying to improve their studies and become more efficient in identifying diseases before it’s too late. They are also creating better tools to help people with vision loss. Despite all the ways that healthcare for eyes is improving, the best way to treat a disease is to find first initial signs of it and consult with your healthcare provider. 

What Does Your Vision Say about Your Current Health?

Unusual eye symptoms could be a sign of serious ailment in your body. Blood vessels, tissues, and the appearance of your eyes can act like a warning system if something is going wrong in your body. Here are some symptoms and diseases they indicate.

Blurry Vision or Color Blindness 

Blurry vision or colour blindness can be the early signs of diabetes. If sugar levels in your body rise, small blood vessels within the retinal blood network can swell and potentially burst. As a result, there are yellowish deposits known as diabetic retinopathy.  

If you have blurry vision, colour blindness, or floaters, go to an eye physician, as these can be signs of high sugar levels. 

Inflammation of the Eyes

Autoimmune diseases usually cause inflammation in the eyes. These diseases occur when an individual’s natural defence system fails to distinguish between foreign and domestic cells. This causes the body to attack its native cells, which can severely affect the body.

Yellow or Blue Ring around the Iris or Yellow Clumps in the Sclera 

Yellow or bluish rings around the iris or yellowish clumps in the sclera indicate high risks of heart attack or a stroke. There are apparent symptoms of CVS diseases, but an eye exam can bring you a faster warning. 

Protruding Eyeballs

Bulging or protruding eyeballs are a sign of Graves’ disease. This disease makes the eyes bulge out in a distinct way. Other names of Graves’ disease include GED, Graves’ ophthalmopathy, or thyroid eye disease (TED). It doesn’t usually cause colour blindness but may cause double vision, protruding eyeballs, and extreme eye pressure.

Extreme Eye Pressure

Extreme Eye Pressure is one of many severe signs of skin, blood, or tissue cancer. If you often experience intolerable eye pain and built-up pressure behind your eyelids, you need to visit an eye specialist immediately. They could perform a thorough exam, and take steps to resolve the problems immediately.


A thorough eye exam can give clues on how your entire body reacts and if any illnesses are developing.

It’s crucial for your physical health to stay optimal to live a healthy lifestyle. Eye exams are an ideal way to see if there is anything to worry about. Consult with your eye doctor and eliminate any risks. 

Written by Marley Jaxx

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