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Common Eye Tests to Identify Glaucoma to Prevent Blindness

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Glaucoma is an eye condition that manifests as a result of damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve connects directly to the brain and can cause blindness if left unchecked. Glaucoma usually comes as a result of fluid building up in the front of the eye, which increases the pressure inside. 

It can lead to a loss of vision, but some eye tests can be used to identify Glaucoma to prevent blindness. Doctors may recommend these tests if you have a family history of eye condition.

Common Eye Tests to Identify Glaucoma to Prevent Blindness

Some of the most common eye tests that professionals may recommend include: 

Eye Pressure Check

Eye pressure is one of the major signs of Glaucoma. The eye pressure check test relates to Glaucoma risk similar to how high blood pressure connects to the risk of stroke. The eye pressure test is called tonometry and requires performing applanation, in which small equipment contacts the eye after numbing it.  

The procedure is pain-free, but the patients have to stay still throughout it. The reading can be incorrect if the individual is not entirely calm. Similarly, breathing during the eye pressure check is just as vital.

Visual Field Test

The visual field test helps determine the level of eye damage that Glaucoma could cause and helps determine the severity of your eye’s condition. A simple test can also help doctors choose the best treatment. 

The visual field test is painless and takes only a few minutes to complete on each eye. However, the specialist may need to repeat the test a few times before they can make a conclusive diagnosis. 

Luckily, you don’t have to prepare for the test, and patients don’t have to remove their contact lenses for the visual field test.

But, the test results may not be reliable if you get nervous or move too often. The visual field tests may be repeated based on your specific condition so that patients can consult their doctors about it.

Glaucoma Imaging Tests

The Glaucoma Imaging Test is a more reliable method to check if your eyes are showing any signs of Glaucoma. The tests don’t require radiation, nor is it invasive, making them a safer method for testing for Glaucoma.  

The process includes dilating your eyes with a few eye drops and the doctor taking photos of your optic nerves to identify damage. The doctor uses the procedure to map out your optic nerve and the damaged areas. The results come out immediately, and the doctors can discuss the best course of action using them as reference.

The Dilated Eye Exam

Ophthalmologists require the most comprehensive tests to determine optic nerve damage. Thus, they drop a few drops of liquid on your eye to dilate your eyes and get a 3D, magnified look of your optic nerve. 

It also helps determine the status of your optic nerve for better treatment. The dilated eye exam provides information about the following characteristics of the optic nerve. 

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Depth
  • Size
  • Vessels

Bottom Line

An eye test is a precise and effective way to identify Glaucoma and avoid blindness. Depending on the severity of the optical nerve damage, doctors may choose to perform various tests. You can discuss the severity of Glaucoma and find the best test to avoid blindness and restore your sight. 

Written by Marley Jaxx

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