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Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome and Tips to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

In North America, an average working adult spends several hours a day working in front of a computer or any other digital screen, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Consequently, a large number of individuals experience acute to major eye discomfort and pain. Some of them are subject to progressive vision problems that may occur […]

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Are Eye Infections Contagious?

If you have symptoms of an eye infection, it does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from contagious viral eye infections. However, the best course of action would be to learn more about them, their symptoms, and the possible causes of infections. Furthermore, it is necessary to learn which eye infections are contagious. In […]

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What Should be the Basic Eye Safety Guidelines in a Modern Workplace Environment?

While dealing with basic eye safety guidelines in a modern workplace environment, you should know what activities may require eye protection guideline implementation.  As per some industry experts, about 750,000 people get job-related eye medical treatment every year, in the U.S alone. In the same vein, some safety experts suggest that proper eye-safety equipment can reduce […]

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Ocular Steroids: What are the Benefits and Risks?

Steroids are widely considered as a postoperative therapy, particularly after a cataract or eye surgery, to improve an impaired or blurry vision. Ocular steroids are in use for conditions like eye-lid inflammation, dry eye, anterior uveitis, conjunctivitis, etc. All these can lead to glaucoma, acute cataract, and blindness.  Ocular steroids help improve your eyesight and overcome other ocular issues.  How Ocular […]

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