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Improve Blurry Vision with These 6 Simple Eye Exercises

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What do you typically do if your eyesight blurs at the first sign? Do you immediately visit an ophthalmologist? Although seeing a professional is important, there may be other ways to cope with hazy vision, like doing easy eye exercises. 

Hazy vision could indicate another issue. It can be a sign of an underlying eye condition. Both eyes may be affected, or just one. And whether it occurs frequently or infrequently, it should not go untreated since it could indicate something more dangerous. Any vision loss, including blindness, double vision, and hazy vision, can indicate several conditions, from glaucoma to migraine. The following are some simple exercises to improve your blurred vision:


The rate at which we blink our eyes decreases when we use digital devices for extended periods. The eyes may become dry, sand-like, gritty, and worn out. Consciously blinking for a few seconds can revive the tear film. The eyelids contain oil glands stimulated through blinking, improving their lubricating secretions. You can practice blinking by closing your eyes, waiting for two seconds, and then opening them again. 


A yoga technique called palming entails relaxing the muscles around the eyes to decrease eye tiredness. Begin by rubbing your hands with each other to warm them up. Place the palm of each hand on your cheekbone while closing your eyes. Continue the process for 5 minutes, placing a palm on each eye and inhaling/exhaling deeply.

Figure Eight

It can be difficult for some people to track an item with their eyes. One can exercise doing figure eights to improve on this. Choose a spot on the ground that is 10 feet distant from you. Create an imaginary figure eight with your eyes. Repeat in the other direction after 30 seconds. 

The 20-20-20 Rule

Our focusing system may tire when we utilize our eyes for close-up work. Maintaining scheduled breaks will help in reducing some of this stress. The 20-20-20 rule is simple to remember. Look at a target 20 feet away for up to 20 seconds, following every 20 minutes of close work. You can now go back to what you were doing earlier.

Stop, Tone, and Roll

You exercise your eye muscles by rolling them. Also, you are supplying the eyeballs with oxygen and blood. Roll your eyes slowly in both directions to start this exercise. Set a goal of 15–20 repetitions. After then, exhale deeply and resume your work. Your eyes should feel expanded, renewed, and prepared to go on.


Swinging will lubricate the eyes and keep them clear of foreign objects. To do this exercise, simply stand up and focus on a far-off object, such as the horizon. While keeping your eyes on the target, rock back and forth. Every time you sway, blink your eyes. Those who spend much time staring at computers are advised to do this exercise because doing so can dry out the eyes. You might want to think about performing these easy eye exercises the next time your vision becomes hazy to assist in developing your eye muscles and enhancing vision.

Keep Blurry Vision at Bay

Blurred vision can be easily improved by working on some simple steps and exercises mentioned above. Keeping your eyes hydrated, giving them a rest for a few seconds and minutes, as well as improving their focus can collectively help in enhancing your blurred vision. It is also recommended to consult a doctor for the best advice regarding your eye health. 

Written by Marley Jaxx

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