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Why are Eye Care and Eyewear Significant for Teens?

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You need to care for your eyes if you are experiencing any vision impairment or infection.

But being a teenager, vision is still in the developmental stage. So, you need to take extra care of your eyes to protect them from infection or injury.

Even if you wear eyewear for the protection of your eyes, focus on eye care and preventive health measures, especially during your teenage years.

Wearing Eyewear

Eyewear gives you protection against specific eye issues. UV rays can damage your inner eye structure for a more extended period. So, wearing a pair of sunglasses can protect against UV rays. Moreover, it can prevent dust and other particles from going inside your eye. Furthermore, it can protect against eye conditions due to UV exposure, including cataracts and macular degeneration.

Most Common Teen Eye Conditions

During the teen years (13-18 years), the body is continuously growing and changing, and you are most likely to develop any vision issues. Teens are likely to face more eye-related infections and problems because they care less for them.

Following are the most common eye-related issues:

  • UV light damage
  • Farsightedness
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Astigmatism
  • Digital eye strain

An eye exam is helpful to access and diagnose vision conditions in a less painful way. Moreover, your health care can suggest an effective and personalized treatment to get a clearer vision.

A poor nutritious diet can also hurt a teen’s eyesight and may worsen your vision condition. So teens need to protect their eyes from the exposure of blue-emitting devices for a long time. They can affect your vision badly.

How to deal with Common Eye-related Teen Problems?

The most important is to contact an eye specialist even if you doubt that your eyes are getting exposed to any worse condition.

  • If you come across any of the following conditions, contact an eye specialist immediately.
  • If you experience red eyes and do not heal in few days or feel any changes in your vision, you must get your eyes checked.
  • If you get any small particles inside your eyes like dust, sand, or metal shavings, be cautious not to rub them. Wash your eye correctly with lukewarm water. If you still feel something in your eye, get it checked by a specialist.
  • Suppose you have hurt your eyes center and experience bleeding. In that case, it is a severe condition that can damage your eyesight. Schedule an immediate check-up to heal, or else it may affect your vision.

Vision Protection Options

  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Safety Eyewear
  • Prescription Sunglasses

Final Thoughts

Eye care and eyewear play a significant role in keeping eyes healthy protected. Proper care can help identify, reduce, and prevent many vision problems.

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At Total Focus Optometry, we’ve spent the last 70 years building meaningful relationships with our patients and their families. From routine eye exams to contact lens fittings we offer our patients a variety of services to meet their eye care needs.

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