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Best Ways to Protect Eyesight After 60

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Our eyesight becomes weaker as we get older. Most people need to wear eyeglasses as they develop vision-related problems. When they reach age 40, they start experiencing certain issues and need eye medicine, drops, or eyewear to solve the problem. Here are some things that you can do to minimize the effects of aging on your eyes.

Schedule Eye Tests

Scheduling eye tests can keep you up to date on your eye health and identify potential problems at an early age. An eye test can identify any particular eye disease you are experiencing, making it easier to suggest the right treatment. Visit your optometrist for an eye checkup and examination. Regular checkups are essential for keeping your eyes protected after 60.

Take Preventive Measures

If you have low vision, you need to visit an optometrist immediately. The common signs that you may experience are blurry vision or finding it difficult to see at night. Although low vision may be an ordinary condition that occurs with age, you could decrease its severity if you take some preventive steps in advance.

Full Body Exercise

Whole-body exercise can be helpful for your vision health. It improves blood circulation, is useful for small blood vessels, and eliminates harmful substances. You may not need to go for extensive exercise; only some physical activities like a walk can be beneficial.

Wear Glasses

The eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, so they require intensive care and protection.

Protecting eyes from dust particles and getting injured are essential, and you can do this by wearing eyeglasses. Make sure to protect your eyes when you are in an environment that may contain harmful chemicals or objects. When you are indulging in outdoor activities, wear sunglasses to protect yourself from UV rays. Moreover, it would help if you covered your eyes, especially when you are swimming, because pool water may be contaminated and is likely to worsen effects on your eyes.

Get Proper Sleep

Getting enough sleep is extremely important. It would help if you had regular rest of approximately 8 hours a day. Proper sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind as well as your overall well-being. When you give complete rest to your body, your eyes also remain healthy. Avoid constant working or looking at the screen. It may cause harm to your eyes.

Exercise regularly

Doing exercise regularly keeps your body fit. You can do different exercises like swimming, yoga, or walking. These activities can improve your body’s blood circulation and control your weight gain and minimize the risk for certain eye diseases.


It can be challenging to take care of your vision when you reach the age of 60. So, it is advisable to take preventive measures to stop specific eye-related issues. However, you can improve your vision by taking proper nutrition, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and visiting your optometrist for regular eye checkups.

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