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Vision Problems Could Mean Bigger Problems for the Body

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Regular visits to your optometrist can not only detect eye problems, but may also identify underlying medical disorders as well. No question a hidden health problem affects your eyes, and you should consider it as a symptom. You should not overlook this condition as it might contribute to a chronic disease. An optometrist conducts a thorough eye examination which is helpful regarding the diagnosis.

Not to mention, an eye-specialist will recommend further testing as per the condition of your eyes. Moreover, it is evident that the condition of your eyes is a reflection of your overall health. Thereby, opting for eye testing can help prevent the onset of following daunting health issues:

1.     High Cholesterol

Various factors affect cholesterol levels in your body. High cholesterol can hurt your cardiovascular health which often results in cardiac arrest or stroke. However, an eye test helps detect plaque buildup in no time. The high cholesterol in your body impacts the cornea which an optometrist identifies during an examination.

2.     Multiple Sclerosis

The sudden loss of vision could be a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, or MS. An eye-specialist can help diagnose it by looking into the patient’s eye. An unusual appearance and distinct color of your optic nerve encourage your optometrist to run extensive testing to make the diagnosis of MS.

3.     High Blood Pressure

The pressure on your blood vessels appears in the eye which an eye-specialist can observe. Moreover, a routine eye testing can even identify hemorrhages caused by damaged vessels.

4.     Thyroid Disease

Dry eyes could be an outcome of thyroid disease. It is a standard health issue that often diagnosed via eye testing. Thyroid problems also contribute to extraocular muscles which control eye movement making it stiffened and enlarged. Bulging eyes is associated with thyroid disorder which can cause further health problems if left untreated.

5.     Inflammation

Systemic inflammation appears in the eye as uveitis. Your eyes swell and turn red due to lupus and underlying autoimmune diseases. Health experts suggest any systemic conditions promote inflammation in your body which includes inflammation of the eyes as well.

6.     Cancer

An optometrist can find the onset of Leukemia, lymphoma, and breast cancer. An eye examination is helpful when it comes to detecting symptoms of malignancy and tumors. Moreover, cancer of the basal cells is a common type of cancer that affects the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. You can also identify ocular melanoma which is the cancer of eye cells.

7.     Psychological Disorder

Eye specialists claim that unhealthy eyes are the indication of an unhealthy brain. Extensive eye testing reveals the condition of retinal blood vessels. For instance, retinal blood vessel disorders suggest that blood vessels in your brain are unhealthy as well. Plus, an eye examination is crucial as it helps in observing the condition of your brain.

Bottom Line

The idea of screening eyes is useful as it allows an optometrist to observe your overall health. As a result, it will save you from falling vulnerable to chronic diseases.

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