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How Binge-Watching Movies and TV Shows Impacts Your Eyes

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The internet and other technological advancements have led us to an amazing new world. Today, most of the things we want are only a click away from us. That’s amazing, but the negative effects of the modern lifestyles must not be overlooked. The number one concern is that people keep sitting in front of screens for hours and hours due to their jobs but now the effects on our eyes have gotten even worse. When people are not working on their desk jobs in front of their computers, they are at home sitting behind monitors ordering clothes, reading blogs and worst of all binge-watching TV series, movies, and social media videos.

Binge Watching Affects Overall Health

Sitting in the same position for a long time can cause issues like back pain and muscle cramps. Studies have even proved that it can contribute to depression and loneliness. Some people even feel guilty after spending so much time on something that isn’t really productive.

Not only is this bad if you look at it considering the obesity epidemic, but it is also bad when you consider your ocular health. You might think that one night of binge-watching won’t do much harm, but you need to consider that it just adds to your already saturated use of unnatural light. It can cause dry, itchy eyes, Blurred or double vision and Watery eyes due to the strain they receive.

How Binge Watching Impacts Our Eyes

Computer Vision Syndrome

Staring at the screen for too long and soaking up all that blue light can cause computer vision syndrome. It is also known as digital eye strain and describes quite a few eye-related problems. Some of these include eye strain, dryness, and blurry vision along with other symptoms. That may include headaches from all the stress the eyes receive, and neck and shoulder pain because of your stance.

Macular Degeneration

The blue light coming out of our screen is one of the good lights out there, but an excess of this light can lead to very serious problems. It can cause macular degeneration – a disease that gets worse with age and may eventually lead to complete blindness.


The excess of blue light can also cause cataracts, which causes the lens in our eyes to become clouded. The disease progresses very slowly, and symptoms may include blurred vision, halos around bright light, and problems with seeing in the dark.


Your eyes are an important asset that you do not want to lose. Instead of saving up all of the episodes of your favorite show, spread them out and watch them one at a time. Remember these episodes would not go anywhere tomorrow. But once your eyes get damaged, it will be very hard to restore your vision.

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