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Virtual Learning Affects Vision Amidst COVID-19

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Ever since the pandemic broke out there are many problems that the world has come to face and is still facing. For several months we have been under a lockdown. Educational institutes and workplaces have been shut down, shops closed, and businesses disrupted. The most damage has been done to the educational sector. At the beginning of the pandemic, the world was under the impression that the disease will die down soon enough and we will be able to return to our normal lives.

Our children will eventually go back to school and continue their education as normal. However, the length of the pandemic has caused educators to need a new method of teaching their students. It is because of that, educationists decided to follow a new model of teaching and start giving online classes. That seemed like the only way to continue the educational journey of students and was readily accepted by schools and parents all over the globe.

Now students spend excessive hours in front of their gadgets taking online classes. Despite the shortening of school hours, the hours are still long which demand students to first take several classes and then spend a lot of time completing assignments. This excessive use has brought on great effects on the vision of students and teachers alike.

The digital eye strain in addition to problems such as dry eyes and blurred vision are very commonly being diagnosed in students. The increased exposure to blue light has taken a toll on their vision. Not only that, it has also disrupted the sleep cycles of most students. This predicts an onset of more health related problems.

In addition to that, since the children along with adults are stuck indoors the eye movements are restricted. Going out and looking at different things contributes to eye health. Many experts have reason to believe that sunlight is an important ingredient in the health of your eyesight. Now that we are spending more time inside and have reduced access to sunlight, our eyesight may be disrupted.

When going to schools, students have to look at things from a distance. For instance, the teachers use whiteboards which are usually at a distance. This helps eyesight by keeping it in exercise. Now that we are glued to our laptops when taking online classes, we do not get enough eye exercises which makes our eyes strain horribly. This can cause both short term and long term vision issues.

At the moment, the world is slowly beginning to recover from the pandemic but there are still steps you can take to help improve your eyesight. Take part in other activities that are not limited to a screen. This will help you give some time off to your eyes. However, if it is extremely difficult to avoid screens, it is a good idea to invest in blue light glasses. They might be able to help you prevent your eyes from getting strained and then further eye related ailments.

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