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Dark Mode – What Difference Does It Make?

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Do you have eye strain? If so, many apps and websites give you the option of using dark mode. When deciding the settings of your phone or whatever gadget you are using you are usually given the option of choosing between light mode or dark mode. Many people have taken advantage of this setting feature and converted their phones to dark mode. If you are still not aware of the dark mode, you are missing out on a lot.

What Is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a mode designed to help reduce the strain on your eyes caused by exposure to blue light. This mode brings down the intensity of light emission all the while making sure that the color contrast is enough to read. According to tech giants, this mode positively helps you retain your sight. However, it important that you know what eye specialists have to say about this mode.

First, let’s try to understand what blue light is and how it is related to the dark mode.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is actually a part of the visible light spectrum. we have extensive exposure to blue light as it is emitted from the devices we use. The blue light can cause retinal cell damage if exposed to for prolonged periods of time. In addition to that, blue light keeps your brain active which means if you are exposed to it at night, you might struggle with your sleep.

What Is The Correlation Between Blue Light And Dark Mode?

if you use light mode on your phone you will be exposed to great amounts of blue light. Especially if you doing so during the night or in dark conditions. Now if you use dark mode at night, you will be decreasing your exposure to blue light as this mode uses light and contrast to ensure blue light emission is decreased. In the dark mode you will find that the background for most applications is black with white text on it. This is the optimal lighting needed for one to read comfortably. If you are using your phone at night with the dark mode on, you will be able to read things on your phone easily even if the light around you is not very bright.

However, doctors say that our eyes find it more difficult to read a text that is written on a darker background. The reason is that it is to read the text your eyes would have to try harder to focus. Many claim that this causes a halation effect where the light colored text merges with the background therefore increasing the eye strain.

Doctors have come up with a conclusion that dark mode can in fact help decrease the exposure of blue light but if you are planning to use your phone for prolonged periods of time doing things such as reading you might have increased eye strain than you would have had with light mode. Therefore, in some respects, dark mode can be helpful in decreasing eye strain but the solution does not apply to all cases. You may still experience eye strain which is why you may also consider investing in anti-blue light glasses so that no blue light sneaks into your eyes.

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