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Tips: Winter Eye Protection is Different Than Summer

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Many people are aware of the effects summer has on our eyes and try different tips and tricks to protect their eyes. But many people don’t realize that protecting your eyes in winters is equally important. The cold winter breeze and dry air can have a harsh impact on our eyes, especially if you have very sensitive eyes. It can trigger allergic reactions and lead to itchy, runny, dry, or red eyes.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you to keep your eyes safe in the winters.

1.     Wear Sunglasses/Shades during Winter

Winters call for stepping up your style game and taking care of your eyes; you can wear your stylish pair of sunglasses, even during the days where all you can see are heavy clouds. If you live in an area that gets heavy snow, you should wear sunglasses as these protect your eyes from the bright light caused during the snow.

Snow reflects almost 80 percent of light, whereas water reflects 65 percent of light. Extreme winter light can cause snow blindness, which is quite painful. The symptoms caused by snow blindness may last up to a week and put you in a lot of discomfort. Hence to avoid this, you must always wear your shades.

2.     Use Eye Drops

Dry eyes are very common during the winter, especially if you‘re already struggling with an eye condition and have sensitive eyes. The air is usually dry during winters.

Further, smoke from fireplaces or furnaces in your homes also causes excessive dryness and itchiness in your eyes. Hence, you must use eye drops to prevent dryness and stay away from furnace vents. However, you must always consult an eye specialist before using any eye drops.

3.     Maintain Your Hygiene

It will help if you practice good hygiene during the winter as well, especially for your eyes. Conjunctivitis is very common in the winters, which is also known as ‘Pinkeye.’ This is similar to the flu that gets transmitted from person to person through bacteria.

This is the last thing you’d want as pinkeye infects the transparent membrane, lining your eyelid and eyeball. You may feel itching and a gritty sensation in your eye. Hence you must avoid closed spaces like elevators and always wash and sanitize your hands before touching your face. If you develop this infection, you must visit your eye doctor immediately before the symptoms worsen.

4.     Be Alert during Winter Activities

Winters call for many fun-filled activities that mostly involve contact with snow; these activities include snowboarding, skiing, and many other things. When you take part in these activities, make sure you wear a good set of goggles as the light shines brighter in high altitudes and a cold atmosphere. It is best to wear goggles that have proper UV protection.


As winter is near, it is time you start preparing for the harsh dry breeze. While personal hygiene is important for overall health, it is even more crucial to protect your eyes. You must follow these tips as you get ready to welcome winter. Plus, you have to be extra careful if you live in a region that receives heavy snowfall.

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