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The Most Effective Spring Eye Care Tips

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The most awaited season, spring can cause many problems for your eyes. Some of the most common allergic reactions include watery eyes, excessive eye discharge, swelling, puffiness, itching, and red eyes. With some simple preventive measures, you can certainly enjoy your spring without any kind of discomfort.

Following are some eye care tips to stay free of allergies this spring.

Quality Sunglasses

In spring the ultraviolet (UV) rays are stronger and can significantly increase your risk of getting eye sunburn, dry eyes, and other sight issues. Therefore, you should always wear good-quality sunglasses. Not all shades have the ability to protect our eyes as much as we need, so make sure you invest in a pair of good-quality sunglasses this season that gives you 100% UV ray protection.

Regularly Wash Your Hands and Face

During spring we tend to act like honey bees that are drawn to spending significant time outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather. In this time outside our hands and face get dirty quite easily. Pollen and dust are among the primary causes of contamination which trigger multiple allergic reactions. Thus, keeping your hands and face clean at all times is a necessity.

Spectacles over Contact Lenses

In springtime experiencing irritation while wearing contact lenses is quite common. For this reason, it is highly recommended you opt for glasses over lenses, especially if you plan on spending long hours outside.

The reason is that when you wear contact lenses, pollen happens to build up in your eyes and irritate them even more, as compared to glasses that act as a shield for your eyes against flying dust and pollen.

Protect Eyes from Extreme Activities

Spring calls for parties with barbeques, bonfires, and fireworks and these activities leave our eyes vulnerable to extreme heat and smoke. Therefore, it is crucial that we take proactive protective measures to protect our eyes from potential harmful impacts of such exposure.

So, keep a safe distance when you are watching fireworks or open fire by wearing protective eyewear. Apart from that appropriate eyewear is essential for other outdoor activities as well, such as swimming and hiking, etc.

Don’t Let Your Eyes and Home Dry Out

The sunny days in spring often dry out the moisture from our eyes, so it is crucial to use eye drops that help maintain the liquid in our eyes. This helps avoid any kind of discomfort and irritation by improving our vision.

On the other hand, pollen and dust can easily find their way into our homes, making it sensitive to allergies. Thus, it is recommended to use an air purifier and room humidifier to tackle infected and dry air.

Visit Your Ophthalmologist

We often tend to take our health for granted and wait for any illness or allergic reaction to take its full toll before visiting our doctor. This season try a new spring resolution by taking proactive measures to get your eyes checked beforehand. A simple routine appointment with your doctor can help you identify and treat any symptoms and allergies that can happen due to seasonal changes.


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