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Beware of the Effects of Makeup on Your Eyes without Adequate Eye Care

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Individuals today are using makeup to transform themselves. For a lot of people makeup is a source of joy that helps boost their confidence. Meanwhile, even people who generally don’t use full makeup prefer to do at least eye makeup on a daily basis.

However, seldom do individuals realize that their eyes and skin surrounding them is among the most sensitive areas of our face. Indeed eye makeup can help enhance our appearance, but they may cause some issues for you.

Following are some of the possible problems that are linked to eye makeup:

Scratched Cornea

Our eye makeup often plays a significant part in damaging our cornea. This usually happens when we unintentionally scratch our cornea either while applying makeup or after applying makeup. If the damage is more severe the corneal abrasion can lead to a more serious infection.


Pink eye or conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye problems individuals face because of eye makeup. This happens when bacteria grows in our makeup and that usually happens if the product expires or is not covered properly.

Allergic reactions

There are some makeup formulas that are not suitable for some individuals, so they tend to cause redness, infection, eye swelling and irritation. Make sure to see if you suffer from an allergic reaction after using a product, and immediately switch to another one if you do.

Memorizing the ingredients that you are allergic to, can help you choose better products in the long run.

Hazards with Contact Lenses

Individuals happen to experience multiple eye problems due to applying makeup while wearing contact lenses. Certain makeup products can infect the individual lenses, even if the makeup particle is in insignificant quantity.

Therefore, it is recommended you wear contact lenses and ensure they are well adjusted before the person starts applying makeup.

These problems do not indicate that you should abandon your eye makeup, just take these precautions to avoid problems that can occur due to eye makeup.

Firstly, try not to share your eye makeup products with anyone, not even your siblings. The reason being, it reduces the risk of bacteria being transmitted, and if the other person would have any kind of infection then you will not get infected.

Moreover, always check the expiry date and direction of the eye product before buying them, especially if they are on sale. As a matter of fact, products are often available at a discount when their expiration date is near, so take some time to see the expiration date of the product.

In addition to that, try to change your eye makeup after every three to four months. Even if the product is not expired updating eye makeup after a couple of months can reduce the risk of bacteria getting transferred, and harming your eyes.

Lastly, never forget to thoroughly clean your makeup at the end of the day. No matter how tired you are don’t make the mistake of sleeping with your makeup on. Even a small amount of eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliner can result in an infection.

So make sure to take the right precautions to avoid any problems that can occur due to eye makeup, and keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.


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