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The Correct Way to Use Eye Drops

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Eye drops are used for treating various eye problems. For example, your eye doctor may recommend you eye-drops to treat an infection. They are also prescribed in case of minor eye injuries or eye conditions, such as glaucoma. Many popular eye drops are widely used for reliving itchy, red or dry eyes. Their use depends on the severity of your discomfort and should never be used without consulting your eye doctor.

Regardless of the reason why you use eye drops, it is important that you use them the right way. If you use eye drops with the right technique, your eyes will absorb the medication properly. You should also keep a hand sanitizer ready or clean your hands with soap water for disinfecting your hands. You can also wipe excess drops from around the eyes with the help of tissue papers. Here are a few tips you need to follow for using eye drops the right way:

  • Lie down or stand facing a mirror
  • Remove the cap from your eye drops
  • Gently move your head backwards, bend it and keep the lower eyelid down
  • Squeeze a drop into your eye pocket. Don’t touch your eyelashes or eye with the tip of your dropper.
  • Keep your eye closed and wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Tilt your head towards the floor if you are sitting.
  • With one of your fingers, gently press on the tear duct.
  • Remove any excess liquid
  • Repeat the same steps in the other eye

If you have to apply two separate eye drops at the same time, wait for five minutes before applying the second drop into the eye. This will help you to avoid diluting or washing away the first eye drop. After you put eye drops in both your eyes, follow these tips. If your vision is blurred, avoid driving until you are able to see clearly. Remove your contact lenses if you have to put eye drops unless otherwise advised. Keep in mind that several eye drops can harm your contact lenses and eyes if you put them without removing your contact lenses.

Moreover, certain devices help you to squeeze the bottle correctly. Your eye doctor or pharmacist can guide you to obtain one. You may have trouble putting eye drops into your children’s eyes. Sometimes, a child is distressed and avoids all kinds of medications that help treat eye infections. That’s why they do not want to use eye-drops to take care of their eyes. Therefore, use them as a last resort. Keep in mind that you just need a small opening for the drops to go in. You can choose whatever method that suits you.

Final Thoughts

Generally, patients are prescribed several different kinds of eye drops. There are many eye drop aids that are available on prescription. However, a few pharmaceutical companies offer them free of charge with their products.

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