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How Can I Care for My Eyes During Winter?

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A woman wearing a knit hat, winter jacket, and a scarf, and she is holding the scarf over half of her face due to cold weather

As winter starts and the weather gets cold, you may experience cold, flu, and cough symptoms. You can wear warm clothes and drink hot beverages to save yourself from the cold. But it is also important to consider that eyes are sensitive too and they need the utmost care during winter.

Winter mainly causes redness, inflammation, and tenderness in the eye area. It can cause difficulty seeing clearly. In this season, evenings get longer, and there is less light. When it gets dark, your pupils naturally expand and become larger, which can cause blurred vision.

Let’s discuss some practical eye care tips that can keep your eyes healthy during the winter season.

Tips to Care for Eyes

The cold weather causes dryness in the atmosphere. Dry air and sun glare can affect your eyes’ health. Moreover, the cold weather tightens your blood vessels. As a result, your vision gets less sharp and blurred. Let’s discuss some tips to protect your eyes.

Stay Hydrated

Many people prefer to drink hot drinks like coffee or tea in the winter months. But drinking excessive hot beverages can cause dehydration. On the other hand, drinking a lot of water can keep your body well-hydrated and plays a vital role in keeping your skin and eyes fresh.

Keep Your Eyes Clean

Do not overlook the hygiene of your eyes. Wash your eyes when you come from outside, and wash them properly before going to bed regularly. Small particles and germs can affect your eye’s health. Plus, applying eye makeup may cause eye infections if it contains potentially harmful chemicals. So make sure to remove eye makeup and wash your eyes properly. During the winter season, you are likely to develop a bacterial or viral eye infection if you don’t keep your eyes clean.

Wear Glasses

Wearing glasses is another best way to protect your eyes in winter when the weather is cold. Dry air directly affects your eyes, and you could feel itching, teary eyes, and swelling under your eyes. Wearing glasses in snowfall can protect your eyes against both the snowflakes themselves as well as UV rays. UV rays directly imitate snow and can cause sunburn on the eyes.

Normalize Indoor Temperature

If you already have dry eyes, winter can make it worse. The issue can turn into a big problem due to the high temperature indoors. However, having a comfortable temperature in your houses can ensure excellent moisture retention in the eyes and maintain your eyes health well. Dry outdoor air and indoor heat can dehydrate the eyes. You may feel symptoms like swelling, pain, blurred vision, and burning sensations. You can install humidifiers to improve air quality and your home environment. 

Blink More Than Usual

Your eyes get dry when you use a computer or any other screen for extended periods. It may be because of less blinking of your eyes. While watching the screen, you tend to blink less which can cause your eyes to become dehydrated.

Winter also brings extreme light sensitivity, especially when you already have sensitive eyes. Blinking less can worsen your dry eye condition. If you spend hours in front of the screen, practice blinking more. Besides, blinking is a good exercise, especially in winter, to keep your eyes protected from becoming itchy and irritated.

Eye Care for All Seasons in South Edmonton

Protecting eyes in cold weather is extremely important to prevent certain eye infections. Drink plenty of water, limit screen time, wear protective glasses when you are out, and blink more frequently, especially when using a screen. These simple tips will keep your eyes healthy and hydrated.

If you have any concerns about your eyes this winter, contact the experienced team of eye care professionals at Total Focus Optometry!

Written by Marley Jaxx

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