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Does Eye Twitching During Pregnancy Indicate an Eye-Related Issue?

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Also commonly known as blepharospasm, eye twitching is generally a repetitive and uncontrollable spasm or blinking of the eyelid. More often than not, the issue occurs with the upper eyelid and the exact reason why it takes place is still unknown. However, some experts associate it with causes such as stress, caffeine, and fatigue.

Eye twitching can be a symptom of numerous health issues, such as light sensitivity, blepharitis, dry eyes, pink eye, and in rare cases nerve or brain disorder (dystonia, Bell’s palsy, Tourette’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.).

Eye Twitching and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is common for a woman to go through a great deal of stress, restlessness, fatigue, and sleeplessness. These factors have a very good possibility of triggering eye twitching in pregnant women. In addition to that, eye spasm can also be a product of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body, such as calcium, potassium, vitamin D, magnesium, etc.

Symptoms of Eye Twitching

Eye twitches can drive a person crazy if it continues for extended periods of time. One may feel embarrassed or self-conscious, especially in public places, and the feeling of having absolutely no control over a part of your own body can be very frustrating.

It all starts with eye irritation or nonstop blinking. As it worsens, you may become more sensitive to light, have facial spasms, or get blurry vision. In severe cases, the spasms can intensify to a point that your eyelids shut off for several hours.

Is Eye Twitching During Pregnancy an Indicator of An Eye Problem?

Not necessarily. As mentioned above, pregnancy is a time of great stress and fatigue, which are common contributors to eye twitching. Furthermore, if you are taking any medication during your pregnancy, especially drugs for treating epilepsy and psychosis, then it is quite common for you to experience eye twitching.

However, these reasons do not entirely rule out the possibility of you having an actual eye problem. Sometimes, eye twitches are a symptom of serious eye issues, such as pink eye, inflamed eyelids, and dry eyes.

Keep in mind that chronic eyelid twitches may be a sign of a far more serious nervous or brain system disorders. If you experience the following symptoms, do not just brush them off as “normal” and get in touch with an optometrist immediately because they might be a big red flag!

  1. Red, swollen eyes, or ones that have an unusual discharge
  2. A drooping upper eyelid
  3. An eyelid that completely shuts every time it twitches
  4. Persistent eye twitching (continuing for several weeks)
  5. Twitching starts affecting other parts of your face

If your optometrist finds something more severe, such as a brain or nerve disorder, they may be able to recommend to you a more specialized doctor.

In general, try to surround yourself with less stressful activities during your pregnancy period, and indulge in things like meditation, yoga, and soothing music to help calm your nerves.

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