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Eye Trauma – Symptoms and Treatments

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On some occasions, eye trauma is not that serious and may involve just a small bruise or minor bleeding in the cornea. This is often treated with antibiotics and other common medications to prevent an infection. However, some eye trauma cases go beyond that. 

Eye trauma and injuries require immediate medical attention, and late treatment can cause poor eyesight for a prolonged period of time. Serious eye trauma can even cause vision loss among patients. 

Common Eye Trauma and Injuries 

There are plenty of eye injuries that a patient can suffer from. Some of them have a mild impact, while others can be severe. Here are a few notable ones: 

  • Black Eye: It usually occurs after a blow or strike against a heavy object. It may result in the eyes becoming swollen and painful with a few cuts. 
  • Bleeding in the Eye: Bleeding inside an eye can occur due to different reasons, like straining too hard. Blood may appear in the white part (the sclera) of the eyes. 
  • Burns and Irritations: These injuries are often caused by damage from chemicals, fumes, and other irritants in the air. 
  • Orbital Fractures: Trauma around the eyes and orbital bones can cause the bones to fracture easily. The bones inside the eye socket often scatter, and muscles that support eye movement can become trapped. 

Symptoms of Eye Trauma 

Eye trauma can be severe and lead to drastic consequences if the eye injury is left untreated. Here are a few notable symptoms that may occur instantly or develop over time: 

  • Pain and Swelling: This is one of the most common symptoms that people face after experiencing eye trauma.  
  • Bruises and Redness: The part where the injury occurred may seem red or bruised from the impact. 
  • Vision Changes: Occasionally, a patient may find themselves seeing floating black flashes in their vision. 
  • Eye Movement Problems: In most cases related to eye injuries, it is hard for the patient to move their eyes freely. This restriction can cause significant problems in terms of vision and eye movement. 
  • Bleeding: It is not uncommon for eyes to bleed after eye trauma. The bleeding depends on the severity of the injury. If you see red spots in your eyes, it could be a clear indication of internal eye bleeding. 

Eye Trauma and Injury Prevention and Treatment 

With the help of planning and prevention, eye injuries can be prevented easily. To avoid the eye trauma, you need to: 

  • Wear protective glasses or goggles
  • Store and use chemicals safely 
  • Be careful with the fireworks and explosives
  • Don’t use harmful laser pointers that can damage the eye

Some treatment options include

  • Cold compress on the area
  • Eye flushing 
  • Eye drops and eye patches

Final Thoughts 

Reach out to a health professional in case you suffer from eye trauma. They will take adequate steps to deal with the issue. Sometimes, severe eye trauma can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness. 

Written by Marley Jaxx

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