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Easy Exercises for Tired Eyes

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Humans have been working out their eyes since ancient times. Many people believe that doing so can naturally treat vision problems, including issues regarding nearsightedness and farsightedness. While there is no scientific research to prove it, eye exercise can definitely help reduce eye strain. 

Although it is nearly impossible for exercises to cure eyesight issues, working out your eyes can immensely help with tired eyes and discomfort. You can reduce symptoms of eye strain by following these 3 simple exercises. 

  1. Eye Roll
    • If you experience tired eyes very often, rolling your eyes is a great way of exercising them. Not only does it effectively relieve eye strain, but it’s also a great workout. This exercise can help strengthen your eye muscles to prevent future eye issues.
    • However, the eye roll is not just about rolling your eyes like you would at a corny joke. You must get in the position by sitting up straight and looking forward. Make sure you keep your shoulders relaxed while you do this exercise. 
    • Start by looking towards the right and then rolling your eyes upwards. Then, look towards the left side and roll them downwards to the ground. Once you complete the eye roll, repeat it in the other direction. You must do 10 repetitions of this exercise twice in a day for effective results. 
  2. Focus Changing
    • Oftentimes, your eye muscles may get sore and cause your eyes to ache and feel tired. To alleviate this muscle tension and pain in the eyes, you can practice the focus changing exercise. 
    • To start off, place your finger a few inches away from your nose and focus your eyes on it. Then, slowly start moving it away from your face. Do so until your arm is fully extended and then shift your focus from the finger to any object in the distance. Take a few minutes to focus on the object before returning back to your finger. 
    • Now, slowly bring your finger back and let it touch your face this time while you focus your eyes on it. Then, shift your eyes back to the object and focus. You can perform this eye exercise three times after performing an activity that causes eye strain. 
  3. Palming
    • The palming eye exercise has two major benefits. It can reduce eye strain instantly while many studies reveal that it also increases mucus production and blood circulation. This can help your eyes easily recover after working for too long. 
    • To practice palming, start by closing your eyes and then place both of your warm palms over them. Make sure you don’t apply any pressure to your eyes using your hands. You must maintain this position for around thirty to sixty seconds, until your eyes feel relaxed. 

While performing this exercise once should be enough, it is best to repeat it another time. You can also do this exercise every time your eyes feel tired and heavy. The palming exercise works as an eye compressor as it relaxes eye muscles using the heat from your palms. You can also rub your palms together to get them warm before placing them on closed eyes. 


Tired and aching eyes can cause immense discomfort. They can also cause irritation, headaches, or even migraines. However, exercises like the eye roll, focus changing, and palming can help relieve tension and tiredness.  

Written by Marley Jaxx

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