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Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Your Vision?

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If alcohol consumption is utilized in a controlled amount for parties or gatherings, then it is typically not a threat. However, overconsumption of alcohol can leave a lot of harmful effects on your body, including your vision.

It is a rule of nature, that if you eat or consume anything in a large amount, then it will harm your body. However, a small amount of alcohol is very unlikely to cause any damage to your eyes.

If your alcohol consumption is excessive, it will leave a harmful effect on your eyes and other organs as well. Anyone who has consumed an immense amount of alcohol, must be aware of the effect of it on their eyes. You can experience blurred or distorted vision.

The following are the effects of alcohol on your eyesight;


A migraine is a type of headache, and in the language of medicine, we call it a neurological condition. For some people, alcohol is a factor in triggering severe migraine headaches.

At the start, it will feel like a temporary pain, but if you continue drinking alcohol habitually, then the migraine may cause nausea and vomiting. Also, migraines caused by alcohol will increase the sensitivity of your eyes towards light.

Decreased Vision by Decreasing Vitamins:

Your vitamin intake will get reduced after alcohol consumption. Thus, a massive amount of alcohol does not allow livers to absorb the proper amount of vitamins. These vitamins are necessary to maintain healthy eyesight.

Deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin B-1 can lead to weakness or paralysis of eye muscles. Due to lack of vitamins, you can experience eye diseases such as inability to see at night, dryness, corneal perforation, thinning of the cornea, and retinal damage.

Reduced Visual Performance:

Since heavy drinking impairs brain function, it can affect your overall eye performance. You might experience blurred vision or vision that may double every object you see. Your reactions to things will be slower as compared to normal responses.

All of your reactions that occur with your visual ability may delay as your brain functions are affected due to alcohol consumption.

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