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Best Ways to Deal with Eyestrain

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Have your eyes ever felt tired and irritated after reading a book or browsing the internet for too long? This is known as eye strain. This problem is becoming increasingly popular in this digital age, where smartphones and computer screens take up most of our day. 

In some ways, the eye strain can be treated without any invasive or complex methods. However, eye strain can easily get worse without adequate precautions. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can deal with eye strain: 

Position Your Screen the Right Way

To minimize the impact of digital screens, it is important to position and look at the device from an adequate distance and position. The digital screen should be placed at an arm’s length from your eyes. 

It is also recommended to change the text size according to your needs. For instance, if you are having trouble focusing on smaller text, increase the font size to maximize focus. Staring at these screens way too close will cause negative effects like eye strain. 

Find a Suitable Lighting 

Studies have shown that lighting can contribute to eye strain. If the lights are too dim or too bright, it may end up causing eye strain. Reading books or newspapers requires that you have adequate lighting to comprehend the text properly. On the other hand, dim lights while watching TV will help minimize eye strain. 

Apart from surrounding lights, you need to adjust the light of your device as well. You will see a brightness option, both on your phone and laptop, to help you customize the experience. You can also try out different shades and anti-glare options to keep eyestrain at bay. 

Use Eye Drops 

After a long period of looking at a screen, you may feel your eyes getting dry. It occurs since the eyes blink less frequently throughout this time. Ultimately, your eyes will start feeling irritated and strained. To avoid that, you can start using eye drops to lubricate and relax them. 

Look out for Air Quality 

Another major factor that can cause eye strain is poor air quality. One of the common culprits of eye strain is usually dry and polluted areas that have bad air quality. Moreover, prolonged exposure to extreme cold or hot rooms can also cause eye strain. Here are some ways you can combat this problem: 

  • Use a humidifier in the room for better air quality 
  • Optimize temperature inside the room; not too hot or too cold
  • Allocate to a spot that has good air quality

Choose proper eyewear

If your eye strain is becoming a frequent problem, you may need special eyewear to combat the problem. Lenses and anti-ray glasses are some of the many options available to deal with eye strain.

Final Thoughts 

Getting your eyes checked should be a priority if you are dealing with eye strain. Try out the different tips mentioned above to get rid of eye stress and improve your vision. 

Written by Marley Jaxx

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