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Are there any possible side effects of Lasik

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Lasik treatment is eye surgery for vision correction. It is a refractive procedure to correct myopia and hyperopia and treat astigmatism.

Lasik may or may not cause any side effects depending on your eyes’ condition, but there are still some risks and side effects noticed by patients who have received the treatment.

We will discuss the possible side effects of Lasik and the complications it creates for a patient. Some of them include

1.Itchy and dry eyes

It is normal to experience itchy, dry eyes or mild pain after Lasik treatment. It happens because Lasik may trigger tears, and it may last up to six months at most.

Dry eyes can affect your vision and surgeons usually prescribe dry and itchy eye treatment to cure these symptoms.

2.Double or Blurry Vision

Double or blurry vision is common after getting Lasik treatment and it lasts for a few days after surgery. You can eventually see better when time passes. These double and blurry visions are temporary and usually clear up in less than a week. However, it may take 1-2 months for the eyes to recover from Lasik treatment fully

3.Light sensitivity

Light sensitivity is a sign that your cornea is healing; sometimes, you may find it difficult to see or focus on things at night or in dim environments. Lasik makes your eyes more sensitive to light, which commonly happens after the Lasik procedure; this symptom may also last a few days.

4.Glare in eye

People also commonly experience glare after Lasik treatment. There is nothing to worry about, as it is also a part of the healing process. Usually, Lasik patients may notice glare for a limited time while fully recovering from the procedure.

5.Tearing or infection

A temporary corneal infection and tearing are common side effects of Lasik. If you notice these symptoms after surgery, you should know they are not concerning enough as you will heal from all this after some time. The risk is low and is a part of the healing process.

6.Over or under-correction

When your surgeon removes too little (under correction) corneal tissue or too much (overcorrection), it results in blurred and unclear vision. Over corrections during Lasik is complicated to treat, while under-correction can be treated with another Lasik surgery.


Astigmatism is the change in corneal shape, and it happens due to a refractive error during Lasik, which leads to a change in the shape of the cornea during the healing process. It is an uneven tissue removal during surgery and can be treated using contacts, glasses, or other surgery.

8.Vision loss

Vision loss is very rare following Lasik; patients may notice worse vision than they used to have before surgery or vision impairment that they cannot fix with contacts or glasses. If you notice these symptoms, consult your surgeon immediately.


Lasik can help correct your vision, but the procedure often has other effects. Patients have experienced various side effects of Lasik surgery; some are curable, while surgeons may not treat other symptoms. Make sure you take precautionary measures before going for Lasik surgery.

Written by Marley Jaxx

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