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Yoga Techniques to Enhance Eyesight

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A common misconception among most people is that vision issues are a result of aging. However, the rise in serious eye problems among children and young adults proves that the problem isn’t limited to seniors. Weak eyes can be a huge problem as time passes as eye conditions tend to get worse. 

While adequate nutrition and sleep are important, special asanas and pranayama yogic techniques can make a huge difference. Let’s learn how you can improve your eyesight with yoga. 

  1. Chakrasana 
    • Chakrasana, also known as the wheel pose, can significantly enhance your vision if you practice it regularly. To start off, lay flat on your back and fold your legs by bending the knees. Make sure you firmly place your feet onto the floor. 
    • Then, bend your arms at the elbows and position your hands in a way that they face upwards. Now rotate your arms from the shoulders, placing your palms on the floor. Both the palms should be on either side of your head. 
    • Next, you should breathe in deeply and push on your palms and legs. Start lifting your body up and form an arch by putting pressure on your legs and hands. Now allow your head to gently fall behind as you look back and relax your neck. 
  2. Bakasana 
    • Known as the crane pose in simple language, Bakasana is another yogic technique that improves eyesight and strengthens it. The formation of this yoga position begins with Samisthithi, which is the standing asana in modern yoga. 
    • You will then need to lean forward and place your palms in front of your feet. Make sure they lay flat on the ground at a slight distance from your feet. Spread your fingers apart and point them in front while your elbows remain straight. 
    • One thing you want to make sure at this point is that your knees and armpits should be as close together as they can. As you lean forward, your arms should carry the entire weight of your body. As soon as you find balance, take your feet off the ground and bring them close together. Hold it for some time, and make sure your arms don’t bend.
  3. Halasana
    • Also known as the plow pose, halasana can help with eyesight enhancement, among its other benefits. Get in the Halasana position by lying down on your back. Then, place your palms flat on the ground. Each palm should be placed at either side of your body. 
    • Now, use your abdominal muscles to lift up your legs to an angle of 90 degrees. Allow them to gently fall back behind your head as you firmly press your palms on the floor. Then, you must position yourself in a way that your toes begin to touch the floor behind you. 
    • You can do this by lifting up your back off the ground. Try and let your chin and chest be as close as possible. If you need it, you may bend your arms at the elbow to support your back. However, make sure you don’t t move your palms. Once you get in the position, hold it for some time. 

Bottom Line

Yoga can effectively enhance your eyesight and protect it from damage. Make sure you try the above-mentioned yoga techniques and practice them regularly for better results. 

Written by Marley Jaxx

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