What Tests Take Place During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Do you know what tests your optometrist conducts during a comprehensive eye exam and what you should expect? You need to get a proper eye checkup to keep your eyes protected from all hazards.

A variety of tests may take place, having different procedures that may include simply reading an eye chart. Besides, it may be complex, like using a high-powered lens to identify serious problems. However, a comprehensive eye exam may take an hour or so. It may depend on the complexity of the test requirement or your eye condition.

Let’s view the most important eye tests that you need to undergo for the eye exam.

Visual Acuity Test

One of the most comprehensive tests is the Visual acuity test that determines how sharp the vision is. The test takes place by using a projected eye chart that determines your distance visual acuity. Moreover, it includes a small, handheld acuity chart to measure your near vision. The test requires you to read the smallest letters written on a standardized chart with an approx distance of about 6 meters. Special charts may have a shorter distance of about 6 meters (20 feet).

Color Blindness Test

The eye exam test also includes checking color blindness, mainly for red-green color. It may include a series of circles (plates) that has lots of different colors and sizes. Some of the dots may be figure shapes or two-digit. Moreover, it detects hereditary color deficiencies and color blindness issues.


Optometrists use a machine called a phoropter to rule out Retinoscopy. The test enables the optometrist to estimate your lens prescription. When you stare through the phoropter, the doctor flips different lenses in front of your eyes. You need to keep a strong focus on a major object. The machine sends light to your eyes to figure out how light affects your vision power.

Keratometry Test

The test determines the shape and curves outside the area of an eye, that is, the cornea. The cornea shape tells how the eye recognizes and replicates light. If you have cornea with lengthened curves, it may cause astigmatism. So, the test enables doctors to determine astigmatism. The test takes place while you stare into a special machine that the doctor adjusts as per your eye alignment. The machine tells about the cornea shape of your eye.

Bottom Line

Getting an eye exam is as important as taking a proper diet. The eyes require immediate care if you encounter any problem. So, book an appointment with an optometrist to get an eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy. It will also help identify vision-related issues at an early stage and prevent further problems.

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