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The Basics of Eyewear Care

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Most people hate two main things about eyewear. Firstly, it does not come cheap, and secondly, most eyewear is extremely delicate. Therefore, it is important that you take the utmost care of your eyewear.  There are numerous suggestions you can follow to make sure that your eyewear is in top condition. Here are some basics you should keep in mind:

1.     Use Both Hands

A common mistake people wearing spectacles make is that they often use a single hand for wearing and taking their glasses off. It might seem to be a small thing but, using both hands can save your glasses from falling down. Not only this, you can also prevent the frame from bending or ending up crooked if you use both hands. Using your thumb and your index finger will give you the best grip to hold your glasses.

2.     Keeping the Lenses Up

Do not make the mistake of keeping your glasses with the lenses facing down. They are bound to accumulate scratches and dirt this way. This is especially true with hard surfaces as lenses do not bode well with them.

3.     Safety Shields or Safety Glasses

There are quite a lot of people working in places where their glasses are exposed to harmful elements such as sharp objects, flames etc. It is important that you protect your glasses from these hazards by wearing protective glasses or protective shielding.

4.     Warranty

If your eyewear came with a warranty, exchange it as soon as the damage occurs. Don’t wait for the damage to exacerbate, or else you might not be able to exchange your eyewear.

5.     Get Your Glasses Adjusted

Glasses are bound to accumulate some wear and tear over time no matter how careful you are with them. The screws and lenses occasionally get loose and fall off the frame. It would be advisable to get your glasses adjusted every once in a while to make sure that there isn’t any significant damage.

6.     Replace

Glasses are just not the same after a year or two. It is important to replace them after some time (usually a year). People often get their glasses changed when their prescription changes; however, it is advisable that you replace them after a year regardless.

7.     Wear Them

Many people make the grave mistake of avoiding wearing their glasses to ensure their longevity. This will cause more harm than good. It is quintessential that you prioritize your eyes – glasses can always be replaced but eyes can not.

8.     Cleanliness

It is important that you clean your glasses after every few days. Make sure that your hands are completely clean before you continue cleaning your glasses. It would also be advisable to keep your glasses away from harmful chemicals such as hairspray or painting supplies.

Bottom Line

Eyewear care is extremely important to ensure the longevity of your spectacles. These steps to ensure proper care for your glasses are not difficult to do, you simply have to be consistent.

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