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5 Tips for Reducing Screen Strain on Your Eyes

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When it comes to staring we sure love our screens. They are everywhere and we cannot seem to dodge them even if we try our hardest. Our eyes are not happy about this constant staring and are vocal about it. They get red, tear up and start to itch and burn, after a couple of hours of non-stop staring at the computer, television or our mobile phone.

It is pretty apparent that we need our screens, whether for work or as a source of entertainment. Since we cannot avoid them why not learn to use them in a way that is kinder and gentler on our eyes. If you have to work in front of your computer screen in your office all day, there are many ways in which you can redesign your workstation in a way that facilitates better visual health.

Taking the necessary vitamins and eating healthy can also do wonders to improve your eyes. However if you are looking for some quick surefire ways to get an immediate relief from the irritating eye strain, our 5 quick tips for reducing screen strain on your eyes might help.

1.    Cover Them

If continuous work has left your eyes fatigued, darkness can do them a great favor. Your eyes like every other part of your body need rest. If you cannot take a break at your office to nap for half an hour, the next best thing is to close your eyes and cover them with your palms. You will be surprised by the instant soothing sensation. Putting a damp piece of cloth on your closed eyes can also help.

2.    20-20-20

The famous 20-20-20 rule is a favorite for a reason. After every 20 minutes of staring at your office-computer screen, look away and stare at a particular object around 20 feet away from you for at least 20 seconds. This change of focus for your eyes does it best to keep your eyes relatively fresh all day long.

3.    Change Brightness And Contrast

If you find your vision being blurred during the day, while working on screens, one of the reasons may be the unhelpful brightness and contrast of the screen. The screen should not be so bright that it stands out as a source of light, while at the same time if it is too dim your eyes may need to work extra hard. A well contrasted screen is easy on the eyes.

4.    Shift Your Position

It is important that you are not sitting at an angle that puts your eyes fighting with glares and direct bright lights. When feeling screen strain, if possible change your position slightly. The position and angle of your screen relative to your eyes is also vital. Your monitor should be around 30 inches away from your eyes and 15 to 20 degrees below your eye level. Changing the position of your screen can show instant results.

5.    Exercise

Some simple exercises can do your eyes plenty of good. When your eyes are feeling particularly fatigued, look away from the screen. Relax your body and eyes and look up. Roll your eyes gently in a clockwise direction slowly. Repeat three times. Another great exercise is to hold your arm straight in front of your eyes with the thumb pointing up. Stare at the thumb for a couple of seconds and then bring the thumb in slowly to your eyes until it goes out of focus. Repeat a few times.

These 5 quick tips for reducing screen strain on your eyes can come in real handy. Your optometrist may be able to tell you even more useful ways to cope with the dreaded eyestrain.

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