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How to Know that Your Dry Eye Treatment is not Working

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The condition of having dry eyes is fairly common among us. It can occur in children, middle-aged individuals as well as aged people. The reasons behind this condition can vary from person to person; hence, a treatment plan laid out to treat dry eyes in one person might not suit someone else.

If you are someone who has been trying to treat their dry eyes for some time now, the following are a few pointers to check if your treatment is working effectively or not.

You Feel Immune to Your Medication

Even though certain dry eye treatments take some time to show any results, it is highly dependent on the individual case. Some people might experience immediate relief from the treatment but in severe cases, treatments are said to take about a couple of days or weeks.

Hence, it is always recommended that you give your treatment regime some time to provide results. However, if that doesn’t have a positive impact on your condition, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Your Condition is Getting Worse

In certain cases after one starts their treatment, the condition only worsens instead of improving. It might be due to their doctors’ misinterpretation of their case, or self-medication from their end. Regardless of the reason, it is highly advisable to discuss the aftereffects with your doctor.

For instance, there are certain medications that will make your eye feel more itchy than usual, but if it’s only itchiness that you feel, it is not something to worry about. However, not every medicine or treatment plan suits everyone so always keep a check on your symptoms after your treatment.

You are Experiencing Unpleasant Side Effects

At times, we tend to consult a new doctor for our treatment or visit an old one after a long time. In any case, they might prescribe certain medication that you are either already allergic to, or have developed an allergic reaction to, over time.

Hence, always discuss the possible side effects of your treatment with your doctor.

However, there are certain drugs that react differently to different people. Therefore, even if two individuals are allergic to the same element, they might react differently when exposed to the same treatment plan.

You Treatment Works under Certain Circumstances Only

It is quite common for individuals to experience dry eye in one state or country, but after taking care of it there, they experience it again once they move to another state or country. Such treatments are termed weather associated treatments.

In reality, dry eye symptoms are affected by lifestyles, humidity levels, and temperature, etc. Therefore, if you find that your treatment works for short periods of time only, make an appointment with your doctor.

The reasons for a dry eye condition may differ from person to person, while some cases can be more chronic than others. Moreover, the habit of self-medication is quite common among many patients. We tend to follow the same medication that someone else has been prescribed who has had similar experiences with an illness. For this reason, it is always advised to consult with your doctor.

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