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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

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You have several things to consider when picking the sunglasses. The sunglasses you buy should look right on your face, but you also have to make sure you are buying the glasses with a good quality of frame and lens. Let us dig into the details of buying the right pair of shades.

Face Type

It is a universal rule that your glasses should be perfect for your face type. Getting the trendiest pair of shades can be a total waste if it does not go well with your face. Regardless of how much in trend the oversized glasses are, they will not look good if the frame is wider than your face. To make things easier for you, we will explain what styles of sunglasses suit each face type:

  • Oval: People with oval face are quite lucky in this regard. Oval face is the perfect face type on which almost every style of sunglasses looks good. Avoid glasses with a frame too thick or thin.
  • Square: If you are square-faced then avoid glasses with rectangular frames and sharp corners. Your face structure is straight with a pronouncing jaw line. You need round glasses to balance that out. Wide glasses will also complement your face type.
  • Round Face: You have plumper cheeks and a chin with a round face. Choose square or polygonal glasses that have an angled design to balance out your plump facial features. Shades with thinner frames will look great on your face.
  • Long Face: With a long face, you can easily rock the retro glasses or sports glasses. It is better to choose larger lenses and a polygonal frame.
  • Flat Face: Get darker shades and frames for a flat face to highlight the contours of your face.

Whatever your face type is, some rules for selecting sunglasses are basic for all. Your glasses should fit your face properly and have a slight grip around your temples. They should not be too heavy on the nose and light on the ear or vice versa. The lens area should not be too small, or else your shades will not be able to block sunrays properly.

UV and Blue Light Protection

The main purpose of sunglasses is to shield your eyes from the UV rays during sun exposure. But since sunglasses have become a fashion accessory, not all sunglasses provide UV protection. More specifically, cheap sunglasses do not provide as high-quality UV protection in most cases.

Now, we do not mean to discourage you from buying good sunglasses at reasonable prices. You can find brands that have affordable sunglasses with UV protection. It is even better to get sunglasses with blue light protection, as you need to block the blue light from the digital screens that you use every day.



Authentic Glasses

To ensure that your glasses provide maximum protection to your eyes, you should get authentic sunglasses. If you cannot afford to get the highly priced branded ones, you can still find brands with reasonably priced options. You can easily tell fake from original sunglasses. See if the logo is correctly placed on the lens, arms or inside the piece. Any variation or slight error in the logo clearly tells that the sunglasses are fake.

The model number of the sunglasses is consistent worldwide. Any change in the model number also signifies a fake pair of shades.

Bottom Line

Buy sunglasses that are not fake. More importantly, pick a pair that goes well with your face and protects your eyes from UV rays and blue light.

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