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How Eyelashes and Eyebrows Protect Your Eyes

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Your eyelashes and eyebrows are more than aesthetic components of your face. They play a crucial role in protecting our eyes from insects, dust, sweat, etc. In other words, you should pay attention to their care in addition to styling them for great looks. Our eyelashes and eyebrows serve as a shield for our eyes and make our faces expressive. That’s why, it is advisable not to pluck them too thin because they can’t perform their intended functions in that condition.

Keep on reading if you are wondering how our eyelashes and eyebrows can protect our eyes in many ways.

How Eyelashes Protect Our Eyes

Eyelashes play a more significant role than just giving a beautiful look or accentuating your eyes. They have a duty of not letting any dust, debris, or dirt enter the eye. The eyelashes have a blinking reflex that shuts the eyelashes when something is approaching the eye. Therefore, this reflex system allows the eyelashes to protect the eye from anything dangerous.

The eyelashes have the perfect length and thickness to protect the eye from all sorts of particles and objects. Other than this, eyelashes also ensure that the eyes do not get dry. Some people use fake lashes, but synthetic versions of eyelashes do not perform the same functions as real eyelashes do and can ultimately result in eye infections too. Therefore, you should avoid using artificial lashes or eyelash extensions. If you must wear them, you should remove them as soon as you are inside your home or finished using them. You must take them off before sleeping.

How Eyebrows Protect Our Eyes

Many people think the eyebrows don’t have many functions. However, even though they are farther away from the eye than eyelashes are, they still play an important role in protecting the eyes. Eyebrows ensure that any liquid, whether sweat or rain, does not flow down into the eyes. The eyebrows push the fluid away from the eyes and towards the side of the face instead.

Plucking eyebrows to make them look slender and shaped is a common makeup ritual. However, you should minimize it as much as possible. Plucking them too much may cause irritation or infections at times. You can always make use of an eyebrow pencil to give a certain shape to your eyebrows if you are looking to add volume or size to them.

Final Thoughts

Usually, your eyebrows and eyelashes will remain healthy if you are eating well and not doing something with them that you should not. Hence, eye makeup and plucking are fine for as long as you don’t overdo these things. You can also utilize some effective home remedies to keep your eyelashes and eyebrows healthy because natural ingredients and treatments have no side effects.

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