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How Exactly Eyes Become a Direct Access Point for Common Germs

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One ought to keep away from the chances of getting germs. You can get germs through the nose, mouth, eyes, and hands through coughing, sneezing, or rubbing the eyes. Washing hands can help you shield yourself from such germs.

You should remember that microorganisms can enter your body through skin while you are eating, contact with eyes, or when you get infusions or catheters, and so on.

Along these lines, we will clarify how eyes can turn into an immediate passage for regular germs.

Germs Infiltration via Skin, Hands and Fingernails

There are many micro-organic entities you will find living on your skin. These microorganisms will shape up a microscopic system referred to as skin flora. Of these, few microorganisms will be useful or benefit you and others will cause harm. It’s not surprising these micro-organisms find the eye skin as their likable target as its skin is conveniently penetrative.

Your hands are the most common carriers for germs, as these germs can stay under our fingernails or stick inside our pores for long. Their stay can make them breed and spread to other body parts which may come in contact with hands and eyes.

Avoid rubbing eyes

Many people rub their eyes without even noticing it every time. You may rub your eyes when tired, or itchy – we find rubbing is an easy way to comfort them. What’s more, rubbing eyes can pollute skin with germs.

Eyes Defence

In the wake of an urge for rubbing eyes, you are lucky as eyes have defenses from germs like eye-lashes. Your eyelashes will help keep away aggravations or other unwanted particles, and blinking will help with that.

In addition, you will find a tear film, which is a three-layered seepage framework that will protect your cornea from any dirt and germs. The problems lies with rubbing, you may risk damaging the cornea thus giving easy access to germs.

Protect eyes from Germs

It’s almost impossible to avoid touching your eyes, especially for those who wear contact lenses. It will be ideal to keep the contact to a minimum after washing your hands with soap or sanitizer before touching your eyes.

Try to keep your fingernails as short as possible and clean them frequently to avoid the accumulation of germs or viruses under them. Germs under fingernails are the primary reason for infection, and that’s why medical healthcare servers use gloves when examining patients.


Eyes can catch germs at any time. It could be a simple way to get virus or germs through your hands, fingernails or a rub of eyes.

Whenever, your eyes feel itchy, watery or burning there is a chance that it may be an eye infection. Try to immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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