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Effective Eye Exercises for Improving Your Vision

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Your eyes are continuously at work. You use them to see images, televisions, and cell phones, which means your eye muscles rarely get any relaxation. This often leads to eye fatigue or various eyes-related problems in people. That is why taking care of your eye health is essential and can positively affect your vision.

The good news is that there is no need to visit an eye doctor as there is a plethora of vision exercises you can do while at home. These exercises can combat poor eyesight. Incorporating them into your daily routine is one of the best ways to develop healthy eyes and avoid problems related to vision acuity.

These eye exercises are great to increase your work productivity, reduce the risk of glaucoma, and eliminate headaches. Most importantly, all of these are simple yet effective and you do not need to take much time out of your day. You can easily do them even if you have a busy schedule.

Effective Eye Exercises


Easy and effective, eye zooming is very beneficial for improving your eye focus.  All you need to do is make any object zoom with your eyes.  You can do it with your thumb. Sit in a place where you can outstretch your arms. Shift your focus on your thumbs and draw them closer to the eyes. Do it for about 10 minutes to improve your vision.

Temple Massage

It is another effective exercise that is considered very useful for deep relaxation of your eyes.  You need to use your thumb knuckles to massage eye temples, making small circles in one direction. Repeat this on the mid-point of your eye-brows, and then massage both sides of your eyes.

Repeating this action twenty times significantly increases blood circulation in the eye muscles, and improves your vision.


Your palms may have a great therapeutic effect on your eyes. Just rub your palms until they get warm, gently place them on your eye muscles and let all the warmth transfer to them. It is a very effective exercise in terms of reducing eye fatigue. Repeat it two to four times.


One of the easiest ways to improve vision is to blink as much as you can. It is essential for your vision as it improves your eyesight. While focusing intently on TV, mobile phones, or computer screens, you do not blink as much as normal and that strains the eyes. Regular blinking helps you sweep tears across your eye cornea. Also, it squeezes the meibomian glands that release an oily layer on the tears.


This exercise requires you to move or rotate your eyeballs in circular motion. This easy exercise can be performed before sleep. All you need to do is move your eyeballs from the right corner to the left. Shifting your gaze gradually helps the tiny muscles of your eyes become more active.

Bottom line

Overall, strenuous work schedules cannot only strain your body muscles, but can also strain your eye muscles. They can get sore if you hold them in one position for extended hours. The given exercises are extremely beneficial to relax your eyes, improve your vision, and eye coordination.


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