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How to Deal with Dry Eyes When the Weather is Dry

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Dry eye syndrome is a typically progressive and chronic condition, which is especially common in dry weather. Depending on its severity and cause, it may not always be treatable. However, in most cases, you can control dry eyes successfully, and will usually result in noticeable increased eye comfort with fewer symptoms. Listed below are 7 ways you can deal with dry eyes in dry weather.

Artificial Tear Drops and Ointments

This treatment is the most common, where most of the drops are available over the counter. One product may not specifically work for you, so you might have to try a few before finding the right medication. Dry eyes due to dry weather can be extra irritating at night, so you can use high viscosity drops or an ointment. You can also try airtight goggles when sleeping, as they will form a mii ‘moisture chamber’ for your eyes.

Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are used to treat dry eyes by helping the tears remain on the eye surface for longer period. A compact, sterile device that is put inside the small openings (puncta) of the eyes allows tears to be produced. This way, the film always stays intact on the eye surface.


This clinical device utilizes pressure and heat to unblock clogged eyelid glands. These glands produce the oil content present in your tears, which help keep your eyes moist and prevent your tears from evaporating.

Mild Soap for Washing Your Eyelids

Use a mild soap or baby shampoo on your eyelids. Take some mild soap and use your fingertips to massage it over your eyes, obviously closing them before you apply the soap, and also apply some below your lash line. Follow it up with a thorough rinse. You should continue this routine even after your symptoms have subsided.

Take a Break

Staring at the computer screen with dry eyes can further irritate the eyes. Therefore, after working for about an hour or so, get up, take a stroll and spend a little time away from the screen. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes or look at lush shades of color outside your window. This is especially suggested for gamers whose eyes are mostly exposed to bright colors, fast-moving images, and quick bursts of light when playing.

Nutritional Supplements

Doctors often recommend nutritional supplements for dry eye treatment. Studies suggest that supplement comprising of omega 3 fatty acids can be especially beneficial in relieving dry eye symptoms. Great sources of omega 3 fatty acids include sardines, salmon, cod, herring and flaxseed.

Hydrate Your Body

Dry eyes are the result of lack of moisture in your eyes, so it makes sense that keeping your body hydrated will prevent the condition from getting worse at least. Simply drinking more water sometimes alleviates the symptoms of dry eyes syndrome in dry weather.

Follow these tips and you will be able to deal with dry eyes even when the weather is dry.

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