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Different Types of Sunglasses

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It’s no surprise that a good pair of shades can add to your dapper look, but they also are the perfect solution to protect your eyes on a dazzling summer day. If you are obsessed with various aviator shades or oversized lenses, then understanding which type of shades or sunglasses suit you is very important.

Most of us know that sunglasses protect us from sunlight but little did we know about the different lenses and their effects on the eyes. Buying sunglasses is not about just creating a dark tint in front of your eyes, it is about knowing which sunglasses work for you. Not only does it enhance your look, they may also have other beneficial effects on our eyes.

Before we guide you about the different types of sunglasses, let us see ‘what is the purpose of colored lenses of in your sunglasses’

Colored Lenses of Sunglasses

Colored lenses of sunglasses undeniably look stylish and classy, but do you know they serve a significant purpose? Colored lenses like amber or yellow are incredibly beneficial if you play outdoor sports, particularly snow sports. They filter out yellow or blue light, radiating off the snow.

Besides this, they improve the depth perception of your eyes and increase color contrast. It enables you to see snowy terrain and its changes.

Sunglasses with Rose or Purple Lenses

These sunglasses work best when it comes to creating greater contrast between the green and blue background and objects similar to them. This feature makes them ideal for hunting and waterskiing.

If you prefer glasses that do not change color shades, it is recommended to go for the green, black or gray lenses.


Types of Sunglasses


Brow Line Sunglasses

Thick -top frame and thin rims are what make these sunglasses different. The frames cover half of your lenses, giving you a perfect retro-inspired traditional look. The sunglasses have dark shades to provide your eyes protection from scorching sunlight.


Looking for some dark sunglasses that can block sunlight from all directions?  If yes, then classic aviators are the ideal option for you. The heavy metal frame comes with smoke reflective lenses to provide you complete protection from the sun rays. It has teardrop lenses, especially added to block sunlight from different angles. They have a perfect modern-day look.

Sport Sunglasses

These sunglasses are ideal for adventure-seekers. Designed with sleek lenses to taper the high intensity of light, the glasses enable sports enthusiasts to work better, faster and harder. They can fight glares and harsh reflections, plus improves your visibility.

Brow Bar

An innovative addition to the mainstream, Brow bars are a unique, trendy and stylish pair of glasses. With a wide metal ride on the eyebrow frames, brow bars can enhance any look. They have a slight resemblance to aviators but come in various shape, material, and sizes.

Bottom Line

Overall, all the given sunglasses have something to add to your style. They are not only trendy, iconic or modern but also excellent to block sunlight to protect your eyes. Thus, this list can help you decide on a perfect pair of glasses for you.

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