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Dealing with Chronic Dry Eye: Jennifer Aniston Has A Few Tips For You

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Eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the human body. A slight irritation or the feeling of something touching the eye can be incommodious.

Dry eyes are one of the various diseases that can cause discomfort and have serious implications for overall eye health.

What Is Dry Eye?

This is a condition observed mostly in older individuals but can affect anyone from any age group. Tears help keep our eye clean and lubricated, this makes the function of the eyes easier and more natural. However, if your eyes are not producing enough tears or lubrication, then you might be suffering from dry eyes. This can be a chronic illness.

Tears are essential for the eyes as they help keep the cornea lubricated and reduce the chances of infection. They also help clean up the eye and draw out any irritating substance that might enter the eye. These tears and their drainage is a common function performed by the eyes; dry eyes may be a result of this function being dis-balanced.

This is quite a common condition, and even celebrities aren’t exempt from experiencing the dry eye syndrome. One such star who is affected by this chronic illness is Jennifer Aniston. She has been suffering from this condition for quite some time.

Besides rocking a pair of eyeglasses as a style quotient, she has much insight to offer regarding this condition. In a recent collaboration with eyelove, she has emphasized the need to get the condition checked in its early stages.

Besides this, she also shared her most prized tips to deal with this illness

1.     Screen Time

More than half of our day is spent staring at a screen, whether it is a computer a tablet or a smartphone. Other than having various potential harmful effects on the body, this screen interaction can worsen the symptoms of dry eyes. If you are suffering from the condition and want to keep using your phone, the best way is to reduce the time you spend staring directly at the screen. According to her “It surely impacts our eyes.” She also promotes the use of anti-glare protectors for these screens.

2.     Using Eye Drops

Eye drops offer a great short-term solution to the problem, but they should only be used when there is no other way to ease the symptoms. Jennifer understands this as she once was an eye-drop addict who did not leave her house without a bottle of eye drops. However, she emphasizes the need to visit the doctor for a safer and more effective solution.

3.     Vitamins

Jennifer Aniston is a huge believer in a healthy diet and food as a solution to many health problems. She promotes the daily intake of vitamins and fish oils to help the body retain some omega 3s to keep the eyes lubricated. The fatty acids from fish oil also improve eye-health on the whole, so this is a win-win situation.

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