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Can VR Games Help Improve Your Child’s Eyesight?

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You may have chided your child concerning over-use of gadgets as they may affect their eyesight adversely. Sitting in front of the screen for hours can not only irritate but has potential to damage your eyes in the long run. However, like advancements in technology, where you can perform almost every function only by one click, improvement has been made in the gaming world, and it is nearly impossible to stop children toying with gadgets.

Moreover, children specifically love to play games on laptops, cell phones and even on tablets. This is where parents get extremely worried about their sensitive eyes. Constant use of tablets or mobile phones can weaken your child’s eye along with other problems such as myopia and hyperopia. The term myopia refers to nearsightedness and hyperopia indicates farsightedness.

However, technology has moved forward to make a difference. And you may not believe that playing virtual reality games can do wonders for the eyes of your children. The idea is undoubtedly absurd as playing a VR game requires a head-mounted display (HMD) that means the screen is nearer to the eyeball. This happened to be a worrying factor for most parents, but a recent study has revealed that VR games can help improve your child’s weak eyesight.

Moreover, experts suggest playing virtual games is likely to be more effective and less damaging than time spent on tablets or cell-phones playing games. The virtual games neither weaken proper eyesight nor cause further damage to already weak vision. Experts also state that this is possible due to the eye-friendly designing of HMD and high-quality vision system that is installed to provide spectacular virtual images.

Experts believe that calibrated vision systems associated with the HMD and VR is provided concerning the sensitivity of the eyes that manufacturers of other gadgets don’t consider. Moreover, experts have also agreed on the fact that a high-quality vision system plays an important role regarding the improvement of eyesight in children.

Apart from this, eye-specialists also revealed that playing VR games can not only help improve eyesight, but it can have a positive impact on serious eye conditions such as strabismus and amblyopia. These conditions are also called lazy eye and crossed eyes. To get rid of eye conditions like these, VR vision therapy games are said to be effective. The games involved using oculus rift and send certain photos to each eye to treat lazy eye or crossed eye disorder. This practice is beneficial as it forces each eye to work harder to accomplished tasks given in the games.

The virtual reality technology is indeed moving rapidly. It seems a positive step in the tech industry that will assure parents that VR gaming doesn’t hurt children’s eyes. Moreover, its positive impacts on eye disorders are evidence that VR gaming has potential to improve the condition of the eyes. Eyes are sensitive organs, and there are many damaging factors, gadgets are one of them. With the modern installations, it is hoped that VR games will continue improving children’s eyesight.

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