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A Few Tips on Reducing the Risk of Eye Injury

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Your eyes are precious; to be able to see is a blessing that so many people around the world do not have. This is why it is so important to take care of your eyes. From puncture wounds through an accident to temporary blindness because of too much television, the modern world has a variety of ways in which you can lose eyesight.

Although some people have hereditary factors that affect their eyesight, many more develop weak eyesight due to countless hours of work, not being able to sleep and a variety of other reasons. To aid you down the road, here are a few things to take care of.

Things that Could Lead to Eye Injuries

The first step is to understand common things that can cause eye injuries. Once you do that, you can easily take preventative measures and steer clear of developing a serious problem.

1.    Cleaning Products:

If you regularly mop your floors with detergents or clean your dishes with liquid soap, you are at risk of eye injuries. It is strongly advised to wear hand gloves while handling chemicals.

2.    Cooking:

Cooking is an everyday chore that can also lead to eye injury. Step away from the skillet when you something sizzling in it so that the oil splatter doesn’t get to your eye and burn.

3.    Computers:

Your screen time can also be a basis for eye complications. Working in front of the computer all day reduces your retina’s efficiency. At the same, you might have noticed that the number of times you blink near a computer screen drastically diminishes, which is a big no no.

How to Protect Yourself

Carelessness and negligence are some of the most common reasons why people face eye injuries. All of the above factors can be prevented simply if people take the necessary measures. Some of them are listed below:

1.    Keeping a distance:

If you read a label that says ‘harmful’ in it, you might want to keep your distance. Make sure you always wash your hands after using the chemical and keep in mind to wear protective gloves.

2.    Use a Grease Shield:

This is for all the people who work in the kitchen; you need to purchase something called a grease shield. What this does is it prevents any oil from reaching your skin or your eyes, protecting you from injury.

3.    Buy Screen Shields:

Computers might be the leading cause for weak eye sight but there are accessories you can purchase to prevent that from happening.

4.    Wear Protective Gear:

If you handle heavy tools or machinery, it is advised that you purchase protective equipment such as glasses, masks and gloves. These necessary steps reduce the probability of you facing an eye injury.

Bottom Line

So there you go – a pretty basic brief on how you can take care of your eye health and reduces the chances of getting a pair of glasses.

Written by Total Focus

At Total Focus Optometry, we’ve spent the last 70 years building meaningful relationships with our patients and their families. From routine eye exams to contact lens fittings we offer our patients a variety of services to meet their eye care needs.

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