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5 Symptoms That You Need an Eye Exam

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Eye health and eyesight varies from person to person. Hence, there is no standard rule of thumb when it comes to heading in for an eye exam. However, it isn’t like visiting the dentist, where you have to go once every six months. That being said, there are some signs and symptoms that show that you need an eye exam without delay. Here’s a look at 5 of them:

1.    Blurry Vision

Generally, blurry vision is caused by an underlying condition and might not necessarily be a result of an eye problem. However, if you get blurry vision out of the blue or have problems focusing, you should not ignore the issue and schedule an eye exam right away. The need for an eye exam is greater if you have blurry vision in one eye, or the symptom comes and goes from time to time.

2.    Frequent Headaches

Though headaches can be caused by a number of health issues, such as hypertension or migraine, there is also a good chance you are getting frequent headaches because of a problem with your eyesight. Typically, when your vision deteriorates, it is a gradual process and you might not notice the impact until your eyesight is significantly worse. Headaches are among the first symptoms of eyesight problems. If you experience headaches from time to time, schedule an eye exam without delay.

3.    Sensitivity to Light

If you suddenly develop sensitivity to light, it can indicate an eye problem. Sensitivity to light can be a symptom of glaucoma, along with a host of other medical conditions. The underlying cause can be an eye problem or some other medical issue. However, if you start experiencing sensitivity to light, head to an optometrist right away.

4.    Pain or Strain

Generally, depending on the amount of sleep you get and your usage of digital devices, you might experience some degree of eye strain on a daily basis. However, if the discomfort goes up a notch and you start experiencing pain or fatigue, you should get an eye exam. It is quite possible that the pain is caused by a seasonal allergy and hence, will last temporarily. That being said, the pain could be an indicator of a major or minor health problem that should be diagnosed. So, get an eye exam right away.

5.    Squinting

If you find yourself squinting frequently, it is a clear sign that you need an eye exam. The reason people squint is because they cannot see clearly. By squinting, you reduce the amount of light that enters your eye and hence enables you to see well. However, squinting is often an indicator that you need eyeglasses. This is particularly true for children.

These are 5 symptoms that you need an eye exam without delay. Don’t wait for the condition to go away, as you never know the problem may exacerbate. Moreover, if you haven’t had an eye exam for the past couple of years, it is about time you have one.

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