20% off Sunglasses when you purchase your Contact Lenses!

If you do not find your pair of sunglasses on the same day you purchase your contact lenses, don't worry! You can still get 20% off your sunglasses if you decide within 30 days of purchasing your contact lenses.

30% off your Second Pair of Glasses!

When you purchase 2 pairs of glasses on the same day, the second pair is 30% off. This is a great opportunity to get that fabulous pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV A and B rays or maybe that perfect pair of office glasses with blue light filtration.
If you can't decide on a second pair of glasses on the same day, that is okay! You can still get 20% off of the second pair if you decide within 60 days of the first pair purchase.

20% off a Second Pair of Glasses for your Family!

Pay for the first pair of glasses and every other pair of glasses purchased for a family member is 20% off.

10% off Lenses!

When you purchase a complete pair of glasses, you then get 10% off the price of a pair of lenses for your old frames. This applies to everyone in your family!

The more expensive pair of glasses selected is considered the first pair of glasses, and the discount is taken off of the subsequent pairs.